How does Amazon’s Choice & Best Seller Affect Your Life?

Whenever you visit Amazon’s website, you find some products labeled as Amazon’s Choice. If you are a newbie on the site, you will wonder What is Amazon’s Choice? What does it mean? Why is a particular product marked as Amazon’s Choice as compared to its competitors? Is it a best seller product? Does it has anything to do with shoppers or is it only for sellers? We are going to answer all these questions in this blog post in detail.

What does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

Here are the answers to the questions such as What does Amazon‘s Choice Mean? What is Amazon’s choice based on? How is Amazon’s choice determined? In simple words, Amazon’s Choice is a badge and production selection criterion. Top ranking products earn it. On Amazon’s site, you find different products with the given badge:

Amazon's Choice Label Image

If you hover your cursor on it, it will say: “Amazon’s Choice highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.” In other words, it means that

  • The product is tried and tested by the consumers on Amazon
  • It has provided high ratings and great reviews for it
  • This item comes up with a competitive price
  • The product is available on the Amazon website and is in stock
  • It can be shipped through regular ways and faster ways such as Amazon Prime
  • The product asks for a low return rate from the buyers

In short, when a product qualifies these criteria, it is selected for Amazon’s Choice badge. And, that’s how Amazon’s choice is determined.

Why Amazon Lists Products as Amazon’s Choice?

Millions of products are listed on Amazon. Even under a specific product category, it is not possible for customers to analyze hundreds and thousands of products through their descriptions. Therefore, Amazon steps in to decide on better-performing and better-priced items. It utilizes its rating and reviews data, checks their availability in stock, and adds a fast shipping facility to them in order to declare them as Amazon’s Choice. This is what Amazon’s Choice means.

Now, whenever customers visit the site, they find the best choice products in one glance and it gives them a sigh of relief. However, they are not bound to buy Amazon’s recommended items. They can obviously have the entire variety in front of them. They might are in search of items that are different from the Amazon’s Choice products in their features or prices. So, they are free to conduct their personal research.

Amazon’s Choice Badge vs Best Seller Badge

You might get confused to see Amazon’s Choice or Best Seller items. You must wonder What does Amazon’s Choice mean Vs Best Seller label?

Fundamentally, Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller are two different status nature-wise because Amazon’s Choice responds to SEO research, whereas Best Seller items demonstrate the highest number of sales.

However, they share some common factors such as high-quality products, hot sales, and popularity among customers. Another common characteristic is that both categories are generated by algorithmic categories.

Therefore, the shoppers may consider and compare the products under both buzz categories for better insight. Even, they should look at the description, rating, and reviews of other items that do not show any of these statuses.

How Does Amazon’s Choice Effect Amazon Sellers

According to our research, Amazon is successful in providing customer satisfaction and earning their trust because of its buyer-friendly service and strategies. Almost 80% of buyers trust and prefer Amazon’s recommended products and purchase them without any doubt. They buy Amazon’s highly suggested products without any hesitation.

Thus, Amazon’s Choice list benefits Amazon sellers immensely. If their products get selected under this badge, it sells out like hot cakes due to its top placement and Amazon’s recommendations. As compared to competitor similar products, it generates much more sales and monetary profits.

On the other hand, there are serious implications for the brands that do not earn Amazon’s Choice badges. They sell 3X less than the recommended items.


What does Amazon’s Choice mean is saving your research time and energy. Preferring Amazon’s suggestions is a good strategy in genral, but it is not the only turth or buying criterion. A recommended item might not suit to your personlized context. You may be looking for a product with different features.

On the other hand, Amazon’s choice is an algorithmic calculation. Therefore, you can’t totally depend on it. You must look for other product descriptions, too. Rating and reviews set buying criteria for other products as well. They might earn similar reviews and ratings but offer higher prices, but that item suits you more than the one with Amazon’s recommendations. Therefore, stay open to other options as well.

Unfortunately, according to Buzzfeed Amazon reviews, sometimes the Amazon’s Choice items appear faulty or sub-standard.


Q: What is Amazon’s Choice badge? What does it mean?

Ans: The products that fall under the Amazon’s Choice list, earn a badge or label like this:

Amazon's Choice Label Image

It is called Amazon’s Choice Badge.

Q: How does Amazon’s Choice Badge help the visiting customers?

Ans: Amazon’s Choice badge is there to facilitate the product researchers. In fact, Amazon helps its visitors in searching for the top-rated, best priced, available, and ready-to-ship-fast products against specific research keywords.

Initially, the service was launched to facilitate voice shoppers at Alexa in 2015. When the Amazon visitors searched for an item through technological devices such as Eco Smart Speakers, the Amazon company used to introduce algorithmically calculated best choice items first. The shoppers took the benefit of the facility and responded positively. Therefore, the same service was applied to all product categories later.

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