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Best Mattress for Teens in 2021 – Cool Teen Beds

Teenage is a time when children undergo new physical, emotional, and cognitive developments. In this phase, two things are very important. First, adequate sleep, and second, a bed that supports their sleep well. According to our research, teens require 9-10 hours of sound sleep to handle their diverse activities and responsibilities at their best. The teenagers who are deprived of sleep demonstrate poor results at school, a decline in their creativity, low performance at sports and co-curricular activities, unapproved behavior, mood swings, and impaired decision making.

Best Mattress for Teens - Layla Mattress Photo

Generally, teenage activities, performance, learning, and experiences play a crucial role in building the rest of life. In other words, their success in the years to come depends on the right amount of healthy sleep. And, good sleep relies on the Best Mattress for Teens. So, let’s discover more on the topic.

List of Best Mattress for Teens

We observe that when children enter their teens they outgrow their beds and require new and bigger ones. At this point, the selection of customized beds is significant. What to look for in the best teens’ mattress, is the topic of this article. We will convey our full-fledged study to you in detail.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress Photo
Warranty10 Years
Trial Period120 Nights
Mattress TypeHybrid
Firmness LevelMedium
SizeQueen (Other sizes available)


Comfort LayerGel-infused TitanFlex Polyfoam
Transition LayerEnergex Transitional Polyfoam + Memory Foam
Base LayerPocketed Spring Coils + HD Polyfoam
Mattress Cover Quilted Cotton with Polyfoam Padding

The USA-made mattress brand, Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress, uses cooling Technology, cooling Certi-Pur US certified foams, and spring coils to provide teens with high quality and cool sleeping experience. The mattress is delivered home in a compressed box packing.

The mattress fits in different bed frames such as box springs, platforms, slats and adjustable foundations.

The medium-firm hybrid bed is moderately effective in giving pain relief, pressure removal, and motion isolation because of its composition. The mattress is responsive and bouncy; so it allows ease of movement on the bed. These features let teenagers enjoy the painless night-sleeps.

The mattress is good in providing warranty and trial period. Theredfore, do try it.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress Photo
Trial Period365 Nights
Mattress TypeGel Memory Foam
Firmness LevelMedium
SizeQueen (Other sizes available)


Comfort LayerGel-Infused Memory Foam
Transition LayerPolyfoam
Base LayerPolyfoam
Mattress CoverBlended Polyester

The cool Memory Foam mattress, Nectar, is a mattress-in-a-box. It comes to your house packed in a box.

It meets the requirements of all age groups, weight ranges, and sleeping styles. Therefore, it is great with the growing teenagers.

Moreover, the mattress uses gel infusion and a breathable mattress cover to offer a cool sleep facility. It prevents the teens from sweating in the bed.

The upper layer of the mattress gives comfort, and the transitional and base layers provide back support and alignment to the teens in a way where their body weight is equally distributed on the bed top. These features together come up with pressure & pain relief.

Alongside, the mattress is non-noisy and non-motion-isolating so that the teenagers sleep with their partners without any disruptions.

The mattress is not bouncy but responsive. As a result, the teen sleepers can get in and out of the bed without any stoppage.

However, the Nectar does not come with weak edge support.

ADD-ONs: The mattress comes up with two amazing add-ons:

  1. Nectar offers a lifetime warranty.
  2. The two free Nectar Premium Pillows are also a part of the mattress package.

Layla Sleep Copper Mattress

Layla Sleep Mattress Photo
Trial Period120 Nights
Mattress TypeFlippable
Firmness LevelSoft Side & Firm Side
SizeQueen (Other sizes available)


Comfort Layer (medium side)Copper-Infused Memory Foam + Transition Polyfoam
Comfort Layer (firm side)Copper-Infused Memory Foam
Support LayerPolyfoam
Mattress CoverBlended Polyester + ThermoGEL Cooling Agent

The flippable mattress, Layla Copper & Gel Memory Foam hybrid mattress comes up with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Moreover, it uses cool technology and cooling construct to disperse the body heat and provide the teenage group a cooler temperature to sleep comfortably. It is one of the best beds for teenage boys and girls.

The flippable mattress offers two mattresses in one mattress: one side is firm and the other side is medium-firm. That’s how the mattress caters to the needs of all types of sleepers. So, the teenagers who sleep on their sides, back, or stomach find the mattress suitable for them.

The Layla mattress provides good edge support. Also, it lets the sleepers move around easily because of its bouncy and responsive nature.

The 10″ thick mattress fits in all kinds of teen bedframes including Solid Platform, Slatted frame, Adjustable Base, and Box Spring.

Casper Slep Element Mattress

Casper Sleep Element Mattress Photo
Warranty10 Years
Trial Period100 Nights
Mattress TypeFoam
Firmness LevelMedium
SizeQueen (Other sizes available)


Comfort LayerPolyfoam+Memory Foam
Support LayerHD Polyfoam
Mattress CoverKnitted Polyester

Certified by Casper Sleep Lab, the Casper Sleep Element mattress provides a balanced combination of softness and firm support because of its soft comfort layers and high-density foam base. The mattress hugs the teens’ bodies and aligns their spines. As a result, they experience the comfort and release pain & pressure from their bodies. It helps them sleep well when they have muscle pulls and sports injuries. This way, it is among the best beds for teenage girls and boys.

The AirScapeTM perforated breathable foam layers let the body heat dissipate, and thus, the teenage kids enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep.

The mattress is not noisy and is effective in absorbing bed movements. So, teenagers may sleep without any disruption.

Nevertheless, the mattress doesn’t support bed-edges. Therefore, the teens who are habitual of sleeping on the bed edges won’t like it.

Happsy Organic Mattress

Happsy Organic Mattress Photo
Warranty10 Year
Trial Period120 Periods
Mattress TypeHybrid
Firmness LevelMedium
SizeQueen (Other sizes available)


Comfort LayerGOLS-Certified Organic Latex + Gel-Infused Memory Foam
Support LayerSteel-Tempered Pocketed Coils
Mattress CoverGOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

The Happsy Organic Mattress is GOTS and UL/GREENGUARD certified, which speaks for its pro-health material and performance. In other words, it is a nontoxic bed for young adults. It is a huge plus point for parents who are always concerned about the health of their teenage children.

The latex-coil hybrid mattress comes up with a cool sleeping offer with the help of its organic and breathable composition material.

The USA-made firm mattress gives a comfortable feel. It is good at pressure releasing from sensitive body points, that cause pain once they build up pressure. Also, it removes all kinds of body aches. It is a great plus for the teens who go through growing pains.

The mattress is springy and responsive; so, it allows sleepers to carry on their physical movements on the bed without any difficulty.

These mattresses are good at edge support because of their latex and coil structure. The mattress is great for back and stomach sleeper teens because of its plush latex top and strong coil base.

Nonetheless, the Happsy Organic mattress is not much effective in limiting the motion transfer on the bed. Therefore, if you want your teenage child to share the bed with a sibling, he might get disturbed because of the tossing and turning of his sleeping brother or sister.

Tuft & Needle Mint Classic Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mint Classic Mattress Photo
Warranty10 Years
Trial Period100 Nights
Mattress TypeFoam
Firmness LevelMedium
SizeQueen (Other sizes available)


Comfort LayerPolyfoam (Adaptive Foam infused with Graphite and Gel)
Transition LayerPolyfoam (Adaptive Foam infused with Graphite and Gel)
Support LayerPolyfoam
Mattress CoverMicro Polyamide & Polyester Blended.

The Tuft & Needle Classic queen-size mattress is among the best beds for tall teenagers. Its Certi PUR and Greenguard Gold certifications speak for its high-standard composition and built.

The cooling graphite-and-gel-infused foam and breathable mattress cover allow them to sleep at a cool and comfortable bed temperature.

The all-foam construct of the mattress contours and cradles the teen bodies with balance. It doesn’t let their necks, shoulders, spine, and hips build pressure, which ultimately causes body pains. This mattress feature moves their growing muscular pains and athletic aches as well.

The mattress is non-noisy. Plus, it resists motion transfer on the bed. Therefore, more than one teen can sleep together without being disturbed by their changing sides.

The mattress is responsive and it allows ease of movement to teenagers.

However, this mattress is weak at edge support. It is not a good choice for the teenagers who tend to sleep on the bed edges.

Shopping for a Teenage Mattress: What to Consider?

Replying to the question, What is the best mattress for Teens? We place mattress selection criteria in front of you so that you look for the features that are needed for your kid or yourself as a teenager.

These features include information related to you and related to mattresses both. We hope you will inter-connect the information while processing it and find the article meaningful to you.

What is the Best Mattress for Teens?

Five basic types of mattresses are available in the market. If you learn about them, it would be easier to choose the right one for your kid in teens.

  1. Innerspring Mattress
  2. Foam Mattress
  3. Latex Mattress
  4. Hybrid Mattress
  5. Airbeds
  1. Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattresses are considered the most traditional and known mattresses in the market. They are built with spring coils and thin foam or fabric layers. Usually, the spring layer is the founding layer, and the fabric or foam layer is the top comfort layer. In the modern models, the coils are individually wrapped, which increases the bounce and responsiveness of the bed.


  • The spring mattresses are firm & durable.
  • They cater to the needs of overweight teens as well.
  • These are value mattresses; you will find them very affordable and cheaper for the value they provide.
  • These mattresses are bouncy and responsive, so teenagers can get in or out of the bed easily. Also, they can move around on the bed surface with ease.
  • They are great at air circulation. Therefore, they provide cool sleep to teens and don’t let them sweat in bed.
  • The innerspring mattresses give adequate spinal support and alignment.
  • They are good for back and stomach sleepers.


  • They do not come up with much pressure relief because their thin comfort layers have the insufficient body-conforming ability. So, they don’t support teens in their growing pains and sports injuries.
  • The models that have thicker and more conforming comfort layers are expensive.
  • If they don’t have an individualized pocketed coil system, they are noisy.
  • Being spring mattresses, they don’t isolate motion affectively. Therefore, when a teen tosses or turns, he feels the movements. In case he sleeps alone or with someone else, both get disturbed.

2. Foam Mattress

The foam mattresses are considered as the popular mattresses among consumers. The famous foam mattress brand is Memory Foam. These mattresses are usually made up of two or more layers. The comfort layer is constructed with Polyfoam or Memory Foam, whereas the base layer is built-in high-density Polyfoam. The degree of density varies among different mattress models. Alongside, they have a soft quilted cover.


  • Memory foam mattress contours to the body closely and provides strong push-back support. Because of this balance, they give pressure relief to the head, neck, spine, and hips. They make soft teen beds and comfort them in their growing pains and injuries.
  • The foam mattresses are not noisy. Therefore, they make noiseless teenage beds where teens can sleep without any disturbance.
  • They don’t let movement transfer on the bed. So, the sleepers don’t get disturbed because of each other’s movements.
  • The Memory Foam beds are not costly. Thus, parents may consider them due to their limited budget or because of the changing needs of their growing teenagers’.
  • These beds are good for side sleepers teens who weigh from light to medium.


  • The foam beds are less durable than spring and latex beds.
  • They provide hot sleeping; so, many teenagers wake up in the middle of the sleep because of sweating.
  • The foam teenage beds don’t come up with firm edge support. Rather, they don’t provide edge support at all.
  • Some teenagers don’t like the hugging sensation of the bed.

3. Latex Mattress

The Latex mattress is constructed out of the sap of rubber trees. They are the modern mattress version. The natural Latex mattresses are organic and demonstrate hypoallergenic characteristics. Moreover, they are antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant. These mattresses make great beds for those teens who suffer from asthma or allergies. Some Latex mattress models are synthetic as well.


  • Latex is the most durable bed. So, different siblings can use them one by one.
  • They conform to the body well and are great for pressure relief and pain removal. They suit the sporty teenagers who go through injuries and growing pains.
  • Latex offers both soft and firm kinds of bed models. Thus, teenagers have options to choose from.
  • Latex mattresses are good for all sleeping positions. So, teenage sleepers can enjoy them no matter they are side-sleepers, back-sleepers, or stomach-sleepers.
  • They are good at facilitating cooler sleeping than foam mattresses because of their breathable property. Therefore, the teenagers who want to sleep warm but don’t want to sweat should go for it.


  • The natural latex beds are very expensive.
  • Latex mattresses make heavy teenage beds. Therefore, the teenagers might not move them alone.
  • They cause off-gassing issues at the time of unboxing.
  • They don’t suit the teenagers who love to sleep hot.
  • The Latex mattresses are less responsive than an innerspring mattress. Also, they are less bouncy.

4. Hybrid Mattress

A Hybrid mattress has an innerspring core layer. It is topped by thicker support layers than a spring mattress. These comfort layers can be one top layer or multiple layers in a mattress. The material used here is wool, foam, latex, and cotton.

The comfort layers bring comfort and pressure relief, whereas the coiled base layer provides spinal alignment. Also, it gives edge support to teens’ beds.


  • The hybrid mattress model capitalizes on the best of both Memory Foam & innerspring beds.
  • These beds offer cool sleeping because of their breathable construction material such as infused foam and coil system.
  • They can support plus-size and overweight sleepers as well. So, tall and heavy teenagers may prefer them.
  • The combination of comfort and back support provides pressure and pain relief to teens. Also, their growing bodies get desired support.


  • They are more expensive than all-foam and innerspring beds.
  • These beds are not effective in motion control. Therefore, they are not good if a teen couple uses it or multiple siblings sleep on it. Their sleep will be disrupted by the movement of the other sleeper.
  • Some hybrid models are noisy.

5. Airbeds

Basically, an air bed is made up of a system of air chambers. The air inflates a mattress and the quantity of air makes a bed soft or firm. The layers above the air chamber system are made up of foam, latex, wool, cotton, or soft fabric.


  • These mattresses are very cheap in price.
  • They are good for teenagers who prefer a firm bed.
  • The air beds can be a good choice for teens who look for a portable bed for camping.


  • They are new in the market.
  • Usually, these beds are not used for teenagers for in-house sleeping purposes.

Features of the Best Mattress for Teens?


The beds for teenage guys should be closely conforming to their bodies, special to their sensitive body points and potential pain areas. They should help them with having a deep and restful sleep, especially in their phases of growing pains, athletics aches, and sports injuries. This conforming feeling gives them comfort and soothes their pains.


The beds for young adults should be firm enough to support and align their head, neck, spine, and hips.


What is the best mattress size for a teenager? The firmness level of a mattress depends on the height, weight, and sleeping positions of teens. Usually, medium-firm mattresses go with the needs of most teenagers.


Bed SizeDimensionsTeens’ Requirements
Twin39″W × 75″ LGreat for petite teens.
TwinXL39″W × 80″ LGood for lightweight & average-weight teenagers who are above average in height.
Full54″W × 75″ LSuitable for teens who are just entering adulthood.
Queen60″W × 80″ LPerfect for a teen couple, or exceptionally tall and heavy teenagers.


The durability of a teen mattress depends on its construction material. You may find a mattress that is durable enough for 7-10 years. This way, you will have to purchase the kid’s mattress only once for a couple of years to come until your teenager enters adulthood.

Motion Isolation’

The best beds for teenagers are the ones that control motion transfer so that when one teenager changes his sides, the partner doesn’t feel any movement on the beds.

Edge Support

Edge support is an important feature of a bed set for teenagers. It is even more important if your teenager sleeps on the edges of the mattress. In this case, you can not overlook bed sets with weak edge support because you don’t want your youngster to feel insecure in bed. So, you should go for innerspring and latex mattresses that offer this facility.


The best mattress for teens should regulate temperature. It should be capable of active airflow so that the mattress doesn’t trap heat and let the teenager sweat with warmth during sleep hours. The sweat will annoy the youngster and will disturb his sleep. Therefore, you should look for breathable innerspring and latex mattresses. If your young adult is fond of foam mattresses, then go for Green tea infused or Gel-infused models that are breathable and can offer cooler sleeping.

Ease of Movement

The responsiveness and springiness of a mattress enable a teenager to get in and out of the bed, turn his sides, and moves around effortlessly. Usually, hybrid, latex, and innerspring mattress are great at that. You may consider some modern Memory Foam mattresses as well.

Warranty & Trial Period

No matter you buy a mattress from a physical store or online, never ignore its warranty and trial period. Read their details carefully. You never know the bed your teenager has liked and even have tried for half an hour finally suits him or not.

Just in case, the mattress doesn’t meet the needs and expectations of your teenager, you may return it in the given trial period with a refund. So, this feature is a deal-breaker.

Budget Mattress

Parents, sometimes, are not willing to buy an expensive mattress for their teens. However, they should keep in mind that it is a long-term investment in the comfort and health of their child. Their son/daughter can spend 7 long years on it, or pass it on to his/her younger siblings, etc., provided it is a fine quality mattress.


We would conclude our research here. We would emphasize that purchasing a teen’s bed is not a small thing; rather, it needs detailed attention to many things including your teenager’s personal bed-oriented preferences, his/her weight, height, sleeping position, age, budget, and accessibility of bed types.

If you take the matter seriously, it is simply an investment in the life of your teen. Great quality and suitable mattress will provide him with flawless sleep. A night of healthy and sound sleep will empower him/her to perform his best everywhere. In fact, it is a win-win deal for you and your teenage kid.

However, whenever, you buy a mattress, do go for the mattress companies that offer warranty and trial period options. Otherwise, you can be in trouble later.


Q: What size bed should a teenager have?

Ans: It depends on the age and height of a teenager. They can go for a Twin, TwinXL & Full-size mattress accordingly. However, as a general rule, the ideal mattress size is Full. It is a size that supports tall teenagers too. Moreover, it is not too narrow, nor too wide. They will find it spacious enough to toss and turn. Sometimes, they can adjust their pet or a younger sibling with them as well.

Q: Which mattress firmness level is best for Teens?

Ans: The firmness level of a mattress can be determined by the body weight, height, and sleeping styles of teenage kids. In general, petite & lightweight teen sleepers may opt for soft (1-10 firmness scale) beds, average weight teens should go for medium-firm beds, and heavy teenagers should prefer firm beds.

Sleeping-style-wise, the side sleepers should go for soft beds, back sleepers should go for medium-firm mattresses and the stomach sleepers should prefer firm beds.

Q: How can the best mattress for a teen be bought on a budget?

Ans: If you want to buy a teens bed on a budget, there are different ways for it:

  • Wait for mattress sales
  • Find coupons
  • Buy from online mattress companies
  • Use your current bed creatively: add toppers to make your bed more comfortable and supportive.

Q: Are twin beds good enough in size for teens?

Ans: Yes, the twin mattresses are good enough for the petite size and lightweight kids. However, for bigger and heavier teens, bigger bed sizes should be used.

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