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Best Mattress on Amazon in 2021-Best Amazon Reviews & Rating

Best Mattress on Amazon in 2021

We chose to review the Best Mattress on Amazon in 2021 because we care about your sleep quality. In fact, we want you to sleep tight and sleep right because it boosts your mornings and provides enough mental and physical energy to carry out the next day’s tasks and plans perfectly well. The significance of sleep is not hidden but still, it is neglected. Good quality sleep is not about how many hours you spend sleeping but it is about how sound you sleep and how much comfort and relaxation your body received to be ready for the next day. Best Mattresses on Amazon in 2021 may lead you towards the mattress that may provide you with the sweetest sleep.

Best Mattresses on Amazon 2021. 
Sealy Response Performance Mattress.
Best  Mattress on Amazon 2021.
Best Mattress on Amazon in 2021.

Best Mattress on Amazon in 2021 – 8 Hot Picks

You must be wondering why we thought of reviewing the best mattresses on Amazon in 2021 when there are other mattress sellers as well. The answer is that we want to provide you with quality products and Amazon is a trustworthy name in the market. Moreover, in the unfortunate pandemic of Covid-19 around the world, eCommerce is a solution to so many problems. At Amazon, you may find so many mattress brands under one roof and their detailed information would be visible. They make great Amazon beds. A good variety of products to choose from, Price variation, fast delivery, and great customer service are the solid reasons behind selecting the topic of this article.

Here is the list of 10 Best Amazon Mattresses in 2021:

  1. Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress – Best Memory Foam Mattress
  2. Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress – Best Memory Foam Alternative Mattress
  3. Dream Foam Arctic bedding Mattress – Best Innerspring Mattress
  4. Vibe Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress – Best Hybrid Mattress
  5. Linenspa Hybrid Mattress – Best Seller Mattress
  6. Nest Bedding Flip Mattress – Best Flippable Mattress
  7. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress – Best Budget Mattress
  8. Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress – Best Couple’s Mattress

1. Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Best Mattress on Amazon 2021. Best Memory Foam Mattress- Green Tea Photo.
Warranty10 Years
SizeQueen, 12″ thick
Firmness LevelFirm
Best ForSide Sleepers. Average weight sleepers

Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is considered the best Memory Foam mattress on Amazon in 2021. It gets super popular because it has got the highest number of reviews.

It is made up of  Certipur US certified foam which is credible enough to produce a durable and quality product such as this mattress has been.

This mattress is firm but quite soft in feel. It is because of its making. The mattress cover is a soft quilted Poly Jacquard. The 12″ thick mattress is divided into 4 layers:

Top Layer3″ Memory Foam layer
Middle 1 layer2″ Comfort Foam Layer
Middle 2 layer3.5″ High Density Foam Layer
Bottom layer3.5″ Support Foam Layer

The Gel-infused Green Tea Memory Foam mattress has got the most modern technology that ensures the airflow in the foam pores. It gives the mattress a cooling quality. So, this mattress is great for cool sleepers. Those who live in hot parts of the world can get the benefit of this quality. Similarly, this mattress is very good for summer sleeping.

It is considered the best amazon mattress for side sleepers. They may sink it the mattress but at the same time their they get the best body alignment. This is a win-win situation that makes this mattress so popular with people.

Pressure relief is another feature of the mattress that helps people with back pain, neck pain, arthritis, etc. sleep without any body pain. They enjoy their sound sleep despite their body-ache issues and get ready to handle the hassle of the next days.

Moreover, the Amazon mattress bed can be a good pick for large and heavy sleepers.

Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is a mattress-in-a-box, that comes with great edge support. So, the sleepers who tend to sleep on the bed edges can sleep without any worries.

The price of the Amazon mattress is quite affordable and reviewers say that the mattress has added great value to their lives and it is not comparable to the small price they have paid for.

Apart from the other positive aspects, the mattress delivers home in a compressed packing that is easy to receive, move, unpack and unroll by the receiver. It takes almost 72 hours to come to its original shape after it is unfolded.


  • It is not good for hot sleepers.
  • The mattress comes up with a packing odor which takes a couple of days to be cleared off.
  • Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is not a great choice for back and stomach sleepers.

2. Tuft & Needle Mint Queen Mattress

Trial Period100 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Firmness levelMedium-Firm
Best ForBack & Combo Sleepers

Tuft & Needle Mint Queen Mattress is the best cooling mattress on Amazon in 2021 with a remarkable rating. It surely deserves to be the best mattress there. A buyer reviewed it as “the best mattress he has ever owned”. Another shopper-couple said that “they had the best sleep ever”. With such reviews, it is really hard to resist not buying this one.

“Luxury foam mattress in the price of standard foam,” the slogan from the brand told the entire story. You might question how is it a Luxury Mattress?

In fact, it is a high-quality foam with a bi-layer of T&N adaptive foam. Adaptive foam is built in a thick layer which is way more firm and strong than any memory foam and its top open layer of graphite and ceramic gel beads foam drives away all the heat of the body and gives a long-lasting cooling sleep. In other words, it is an all-foam mattress that provides the best cooling sleep.

In addition to that, its lightweight Mint knit cover gives off comfy and homey feels to making it a truly plush mattress that prevents any kind of interruption in your sleep. You may sink in the bed and enjoy a luxurious and cool sleep.

Furthermore, Tuft & Needle offers a 100-day free trial via Amazon to satisfy customers. Their customer service is efficient enough to attend to all the queries and misconceptions of the buyers and solve their issues.

To help customers spend their money on the right size which fits accurately to their spaces is important, They may choose from a wide range of sizes consist of twin, twin XL, full, King, Cal King, and Queen.


  • This Amazon bed is not a good fit for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • It would not suit the sleepers above 150 lb.

3. DreamFoam Arctic Bedding

Trial Period120 Nights
Warranty10 Years
SizeTwin, 10″ thick
Firmness LevelMedium
Best ForSide Sleepers. Combination Sleepers. Lightweight Sleepers

DreamFoam Arctic Bedding is owned by Brooklyn Bedding. In other words, it is another top-quality product line of the famous Brooklyn Bedding brand.

In construction, the 2 layer mattress has two versions:

  • All-Foam Mattress
  • Hybrid Mattress

The All Foam Mattress is constituted of a High-Density Poly Foam base layer & Gel-infused Memory Foam top Layer. And, the mattress cover comes with a quilted foam.

However, the DreamFoam Arctic Hybrid Mattress is made up of a 1″ foam layer at the base, 6″ pocketed coil layers in the middle, and a Gel-infused Memory Foam layer at the top. It also is covered with a 0.75″ quilted foam layer which is breathable and is plush in feel because of its luxurious fabric.

The entire construction and the special edition of a super soft mattress cover limit the movement transfer on the bed. So, it is a couples’ mattress because both the sleepers don’t face discomfort because of each other tossing and turning in the bed.

DreamFoam Arctic Mattress is considered among the top quality innerspring Mattresses. It is great for pain relief, so the people who feel body pain while sleeping or those who suffer from body aches in general, this mattress is soothing for them. Once they get on the mattress, their pressure points of the body will get a lot of relaxation, which will result in pain relief.

Similarly, those who desire to sleep cool, DreamFoam Arctic Innerspring Mattress provide them with cool sleep because of its inbuilt cooling specs:

  1. Mattress Cover has got a special in-built cooling panel
  2. The top mattress layers are made up of Gel-infused Memory Foam.

Another important requirement of sleepers is body alignment. With its pocketed coils layer under the foam layer, the mattresses provide enough firmness that keeps the body aligned.

However, the DreamFoam Arctic Mattress means differently for different sleeping positions:

Side Sleepers

This is the best mattress on amazon for side sleepers due to its luxuriously soft feel. Their body sinks in it and gets maximum comfort and pressure relief. And, its supportive part works well for the back alignment. However, if a side sleeper weighs more than 230 lb, the mattress will be unable to provide back alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers, generally, need a firm mattress in order to seek comfort and support for their bodies. From this criterion, DreamFoam Arctic Mattress is too soft for them. However, if they weigh up to 130 lb, this mattress will work great for them. However, sleepers of 130 lb – 230 lb may get along well, though it is not an ideal mattress for them. Above 230 lb sleepers are not recommended to go for this option.

Back Sleepers

The mattress is a great match for the back sleepers who weigh up to 130 lb. However, for the people who weigh more than that, the mattress is too soft for them, which means that it will not work for body alignment which will further turn into a constant discomfort.

Another great aspect of the mattress is its great quality material, which is CertiPUR-US certified.

The Amazon mattress is a mattress-in-a-box. It is delivered to your place in a compressed foam and it would be easy to set up the mattress wherever you want it to be.


  • It comes up with a packing odor and it takes time to dissipate it.
  • This mattress is not good for hot sleepers.
  • DreamFoam Arctic Mattress is not a perfect choice for heavy sleepers.

4. Vibe Hybrid Mattress

Trial period100 Nights
Warranty10 Years
SizeTwin XL, 12″ thick
Firmness LevelMedium
Best Forside sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers & heavy sleepers.

Vibe Hybrid Mattress is another Amazon’s Choice mattress. “Lifesaver if your backache is genuinely caused by your mattress”, “gives plushy feels” and “great quality at affordable cost” all these positive responses have filled the rating section.

The mattress has been a CertiPUR-US certified and long-lasting mattress because of its durable and high standard material. It has got around 25000 reviews so far where a huge majority of viewers rated it among the top hybrid mattresses.

It’s a mattress-in-a-box that promises a cool sleep because of the material used in the construction. Moreover, it is easy to unwrap and unroll once it reaches your doorsteps.

Its making is really solid. You may view the details in the table given below:

LayersMaterial & Thickness of Layer
1. Top Layer2″ Gel infused Memory Foam layer
2. Transitional Layer3″ Gel-infused Poly Foam
3. Base Layer7″ High density foam
Mattress CoverSuper plush quilted fibre

If you are looking for a high-quality memory foam this can be your stop. Constructed by the
the latest technology of memory-infused gel foam to transfer heat from your body and high-density
base along with super collide spring wrapped separately to prevent light sleepers from any sort
of interruption.

This mattress is great for all sleeping positions. Furthermore, it serves the tall and heavy sleepers well, too. The mattress conforms to their bodies well and supports their body alignment at the same time.

Moreover, Vibe Hybrid Mattress is allergen resistant due to its hypoallergenic nature. Also, it protects from bacteria, dust mites, and mold.

In addition, it comes up with pressure relief and minimum motion transfer on the bed. It means you may have a pain-free and undisturbed sleep along with your partner.

It is an inexpensive mattress. Home delivery is available with free shipping for USA.


  • It is not the right choice for the people who look for a super firm or super soft mattresses.
  • This mattress is not for the sleepers who prefer foam mattresses.
  • The hybrid mattress is not recommended for hot sleepers.

5. Linenspa Hybrid Mattress

Trial Period30 Nights
Warranty10 Years
SizeFull, 10″ thick
Best Forside sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers

Linenspa Hybrid Mattress is the best-selling mattress on Amazon. It makes the best Amazon beds for all kinds of sleepers.

It a combination of high-quality memory foam and conventional innerspring construct. It has firmness because of its spring structure, and extra-ordinary softness because of its Memory Foam top layer. The outer mattress cover is another quilted foam sheet that adds the feel of more softness and you won’t resist feeling happily sleeping on it.

Top Comfort layer1.5″ thick foam layer
Base Layer6.5″ thick steel spring layer
Mattress CoverQuilted Memory Foam Layer

The construction creates a balance between the softness and firmness of the mattress. That’s how the mattress conforms to all sleeping styles and positions.

The memory foam layer contours to your body curves and provides you with a comfortable feel. simultaneously, it works perfectly well in order to provide alignment to your back and the rest of the body. Both the features result in relieving back pain and minimizing the movement transfer of your sleeping buddy.

Besides that, the mattress is naturally hypoallergenic, which is super great news for people who are prone to different allergies. This mattress will allow them to stay safe while in bed.

Gel-infused memory foam layers control the body temperature and provide cool sleeping.

You need not worry about its delivery. It will deliver to your home in a compressed box which is easy to handle: you may unfold and set up the mattress without any hassle.


  • The Linenspa 10″ hybrid mattress is not recommended for hot sleepers.
  • At the time of unpacking, brown flakes like carbon pieces will spread around. They are not harmful but they will create a mess and inconvenience for a while.
  • Not suitable for overweight and super-size persons.

6. Nest Bedding FLIP Mattress

Trial Period30 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Firmness LevelMedium – Firm
Size Californian King
Best for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers

Nest Bedding FLIP is one of the modern and innovative mattress types. It is considered the best mattress to buy on Amazon. They offer both medium-firm and firm firmness levels in one mattress on opposite sides: You may feel soft at the top side and feel firm at the bottom side. Thus, the sleepers can try out sleeping on both sides and can figure out which firmness level is best suited to them.

Overweight sleepers can use the firm side confidently. They are available both in-stores and online with amazing customer service. The 4.3 rating shows that they are well-appreciated by the users.

It is a supreme quality durable double-sided mattress. It is a hybrid of Visco Gel foam and Calibre coil construction. The mattress cover is made up of a cool sleeping fabric.

The foam used here is CertiPUR-US certified. So, there is no question about durability and fine quality.

Moreover, making ensures not only plushness but also the firmness of the mattress. It is a well-balanced hybrid product.

Thus, the mattress promises a cool, comfortable, and aligned-body sleep.

The first online flip mattress-in-a-box is a perfect fit for all sleeping styles including side, stomach, and back sleeping. Also, it provides good edge support.

It is made-in-USA and is shipped free within the USA. Plus, a 30-night trial period is a deal-breaker because this way you get time to get adjusted to either a firm or medium-firm mattress. An adjustment here is unusual as it comes up with two firmness levels in one bed.

Apart from the affordable price of Nest Bedding Flip Mattress, it is a great value to money due to its two significant features:

  • This mattress is great for relieving pressure from body joints and sensitive points, which means it ensures ache-free and sound sleep.
  • It’s a couple’s mattress because it limits motion transfer on the bed, which means one partner doesn’t lose sleep when the other partner changes his sides in the bed.


  • It is not suitable for the hot sleeper.
  • It’s not the choice of sleepers who prefer all foam and super plush mattresses.

7. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress

Trial Period30 Nights
Warranty1 Year
SizeQueen, 12″ thick
Firmness LevelPlush
Best forSide sleepers, lightweight sleepers & combo sleepers

AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best mattresses on Amazon in 2021. The best cheap Mattress on Amazon became the hot sale because of its low budget price. It is cheaper than its competitors in the market. Its rating shows its popularity among shoppers. And, this might not be only the prices, but also other likable features, too.

In fact, it is an all-foam mattress of 53.6 lb. It is loved by the people who enjoy sleeping on a ‘sinking’ super plush bed. This mattress comes up with such a remarkable softness because of the materials that are used in its making. You may be fascinated by the quality product when you get to know the manufacturing details of the three-layer mattress.

Mattress LayersFeatures of Layers
Top Comfort LayerCertipur-US certified Memory Foam Layer
Middle LayerBreathable Soft Poly-Foam Layer
Base LayerHard Foam Layer with Air Flow Technology
Mattress CoverOeko-Tex Certified High Quality Polyester Fabric

Because of its too soft feel, it is great for lightweight sleepers, kids, and pets. Along with plushness, the mattress provides them with enough support for back alignment. As a result, it offers good pressure relief and great sleep.

Moreover, you may put them in guestrooms, just in case you don’t want to spend a lot on temporary guests.

The breathable foam layers ensure airflow and unlike most of the foam mattresses, Amazon Basics Memory Foam Mattress allows cool sleep.

As for limiting noise and motion transfer, it is a good mattress that suits couples.

Since it is a new innovative product in the market, it is not easy to predict its durability despite the fact that it is made up of premium quality material.

It is bed-in-a-box. The mattress delivers in compressed packing and it is easy to unpack and use. A 30-nights trial period helps you make up your mind in keeping the mattress or returning it with a full refund.

Amazon ships the Amazon Basics Memory Foam Mattress free of cost within the US.


  • As compared to other mattress brands, it comes up with a very limited warranty, i.e. 1-year only.
  • It is not suitable for stomach and back sleepers.
  • It is not supportive of over-weight & plus-sized persons.
  • The mattress comes up with low-edge support.

8. Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress

Trial PeriodNone
Warranty1- year
SizeFull, 12″ thick
Firmness LevelFirm
Best ForBack sleepers & Stomach sleepers

Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress is a firm foam mattress that is liked by consumers in general. It is high quality and durable foam mattress that fulfills the federal flammability criterion 16 CFR 1633.

The construction of the mattress shows that it is an all-foam and comfortable mattress.

Mattress Layers Material & Thickness of Layers
Top Layer4″ Memory Foam Layer
Bottom Layer8″ High Density Foam Layer
Mattress Covernon-washable, knit fabric cover

Despite its firm feel, it is successful in bringing the balance between comfort and support. On one hand, it contours to the body shape and curves, and on the other hand, it aligns neck-back-hips. It results in providing the sleepers with pressure relief and body pain relief. It means that people with arthritis and other body aching illnesses can enjoy a peaceful and painless sleep on it.

Moreover, it absorbs the motion transfer and both the partners don’t feel the disturbance because of the tossing and turning of each other. They both sleep well, no matter how frequently they change their sides on the bed.

Both the features qualify the mattress as the best couples mattress.

It is one of the inexpensive mattresses that best suit the stomach and back sleepers because of its firmness but comfortable top.

Like other foam mattresses, it also provides you with hot sleep. If you like to be warm in bed, the Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress can be a good option for you.

The mattress comes in a compressed form while packed in a box. However, it is easy to move, unpack and set anywhere in the house.


  • This mattress is not suitable for side sleepers
  • It is not supportive of heavy and large size people
  • The mattress offers no trial period at all
  • It offers a very limited warranty of a year
  • This mat is not the preference of cool sleepers

What to Look for Before Buying a Best Mattress on Amazon in 2021?

We have reviewed Amazon mattresses with different categories, just because you may decide which category of mattress is just right for you. The major aim behind providing you with a variety of category-oriented mattresses is to give you a criterion to select the best mattress for you.

Nevertheless, there are some other factors-to-be-considered at the time of shopping, too. We hope the following list will help you further in making up your mind for better shopping.

Availability of Mattress Type

Whenever you select the best mattress to buy on Amazon, always check if it is available in stock. If it is out of stock, it might take longer than the promised delivery period. Therefore, if you may wait longer, you might ignore this feature. Otherwise, you may check with the other online and in-store options.

Consumer Reviews

Never buy a mattress by its description that is given by the seller. Rather, alongside the given product description and information, do read the best Amazon reviews and get to know about their experience and feel with the mattress. Here, do go through the FAQs, they will tell you if it is a promising product/brand or not.

Delivery Policy

Reading the details of the Delivery Policy is crucial. You should know how much time home delivery will take. Moreover, you should know if the company covers the damages that may occur during transportation.

Trial Period & Return Policy

Buying a mattress without reading the Trial Period and Return Policy in detail is not a wise attitude. What if a mattress brand or seller doesn’t offer a trial period at all and you end up regretting your product choice and purchase?

Similarly, for a customer right, you should be entitled to return the product and get a full refund within the company’s trial period.

Furthermore, you should be ensured that in case of defective, damaged, or unlikable product, the brand will exchange it. Also, you should learn about what will be their terms and conditions in this case, and
what procedure will they be following in general?


We have reviewed some best Amazon mattresses in different categories. If you find the best fit for you here, that would be great. Otherwise, you have an option of “Compare with similar items” at the end of the mattress description. Do explore this option. This personal research will empower you to reach the best mattress on Amazon in 2021.

Similarly, you may visit the official sites of your preferred brands. It can open up new options for you.

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