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Best Mattress for Back Pain in 2021 – Neck, Hip & Back Pain

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If you are fighting with a sore back, there is great news for you! The good news is – You are fortunate enough to be born at a time when the best mattresses for back pain in 2021 are available in the market. There is a diverse variety of it. You must wonder why it is so. Actually, according to medical view, a huge majority of people suffer from a sore back at one stage in life or the other because it is a part of aging, though many other factors contribute to it, too.

What is the Best Mattresses for Back Pain

We conducted thorough research for this article to find the answer to the question: which mattress is the best for back pain? We couldn’t come up with a single answer because it depends on multiple factors.

We hope that it will provide you with all the information that is desired in making prudent decisions at the mattress shop. Furthermore, I will introduce the 10 best mattresses for back pain so that you don’t get confused and overwhelmed by the variety of mattresses for upper and lower back pain.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress


  • Gel & Green Tea Infused Memory Foam Mattress. Poly Jacquard cover at the top layer
  • Cooling mattress
  • 12″ thick, Firm Mattress
  • Best for average-weight side sleepers
  • CertiPUR US top-quality foam
  • Professional packing in a box
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • A Twin Bed-in-a-box
  • 10 – year Warranty

Consumer Reviews:

On our investigation, Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is loved by the majority of buyers for its softness and body support. They appreciate its cushioning feature for pressure points and body joints. In fact, this is the decisive feature for the mattress for back pain.

Moreover, They shared their experience that after using it, they stopped feeling backache and body pain in the morning. They were satisfied with the shoulder and lumbar area alignment, which means it is the best mattress for back and hip pain as well. Thus, they enjoyed their sleep time and woke up fresh and happy.

Side sleepers rated it very high because of its softness at the top layer.

They thought that their money for the mattress was well spent.


  • Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is not suitable for hot sleepers.
  • It’s not a good fit for heavy sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

PrimaSleep Wave Memory Foam Mattress


  • 10″ Queen-sized foam mattress
  • Plush, cool mattress
  • Three-layer construction for body conformation, pressure relief, and back support
  • Great for side sleepers
  • Couples’ choice
  • Supportive for heavy sleepers
  • Economical price
  • 10 – year warranty

Consumer Reviews:

Most of the consumers expressed good words for the usefulness of the mattress. They were happy with the luxurious comfort feel. They considered it a medium-soft mattress with great spinal support.

It provided them with upper and lower back pain relief and enabled them to enjoy a great sleep. They considered that buying it was meaningful spending. Moreover, they loved the on-time delivery.


  • A slight smell of chemical that disappears soon.
  • Some consumers found it too soft.
  • Not good for hot sleepers

Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress


  • 10″ Full-size foam mattress
  • Made up of Green Tea infused memory foam & fabric fill. Covered by Jacquard fabric.
  • CertiPUR US certified top-quality foam. Durable.
  • Supportive of heavy sleepers
  • Professional packing in a box
  • Adjustable to temperature
  • Cheap to buy
  • 10 – year warranty

Consumer Reviews

It is a popular mattress because a big number of consumers rated and reviewed it on Amazon. Most of the customers were overjoyed by its features. They found it too soft and too firm at the same time.

It is great to restrict the movement transfer of your sleeping partner. So, you and your partner can change your sides on the bed in a carefree manner.

Furthermore, they felt that their joints got relaxed on the mattress. In other words, they, certainly, felt relief for back pressure points. Some of the buyers said that they got rid of their painful tossing and turning in bed. It resulted in healthy and cherishable sleeping. Some of the viewers call it the best mattress for upper back pain, while some others consider it the best mattress for lower back pain. It means, it is really a great mattress for backache in general.

They believe that the mattress price is justified.


  • A little smelly for a while
  • Fiberglass cover irritated many consumers

Classic Brands Chill Memory Foam


  • Medium-Soft feel
  • Not too hot, nor too cool in bed
  • A full-sized cool Gel mattress
  • Built-in high-density aerated cool gel memory foam
  • Body conforming and pressure relieving
  • CertiPUR US top-quality foam. long-lasting make.
  • Resistant to bacteria, mold & allergens.
  • Providing shredded Memory Foam pillows as a complimentary free gift
  • 10 – year warranty

Consumer Reviews:

On Amazon, it is another best type of mattress for back pain. The reviewers admired the equally soft and firm feel of the bed. They found it quite helpful in dealing with sore back issues such as herniated disks. Several buyers reported that their shoulder and hip pain left them since they had started using the Classic Brands Chill Memory Foam mattress. They felt pain-free when they woke up in the morning. The same was the case with the consumers who suffered from body aches due to accidents.

The shoppers shared their experience regarding their weight: they were delighted to see that the mattress supported their overweight bodies well. Also, it was useful for plus-sized sleepers, too.

Similarly, it accomodated all sleeping positions.

As for its price, the happy shoppers found it inexpensive as compared to the value they got.


  • Some consumers disliked the ‘sinking’ feeling of the bed
  • They got upset over a little odor of the mattress that lasted for a while.
  • They found it too heavy to unpack easily.

Zinus Spring Hybrid Mattress


  • Extra-firm innerspring mattress
  • 12″ King-size mattress
  • Durable mattress
  • Made up of high-density foam and iCoil pocket springs
  • Has a  microfiber-filled euro top that is layered by Jacquard quilted cover
  • The foam is of high quality and is CertiPUR-US Certified. Durable product.
  • Best for stomach sleepers & plus-sized people
  • Couples’ mattress
  • 10 – year warranty

Consumers Reviews

Amazon’s reviewers consider the Zinus Spring Hybrid one of the best firm mattress for back pain. Interestingly, the extra-firm mattress has a comfortable top.

The mattress is solid enough to hold heavy and plus-sized sleepers. It is suitable for all sleeping positions and sleepers loved it. They wake up satisfied and fresh because of their deep sleep.

People with back pain find the mattress pain-relieving and they were thrilled to discover it helpful in back problems. They cherish their sleep time perfectly.

Couples of all weight ranges and sizez are happy to find it accomodating for them. Besides, it doesn’t let them get disturbed when their partner changes the sides.

Furthermore, they appreciate the mattress for its fiem edges. The amazing part is, the cushioning top layer of the mattress contours to the body shape but prevents the sleeper from sinking in.


  • One has to struggle opening it because of its heavy packing

Linenspa Hybrid Mattress


  • Full-sized hybrid mattress
  • 10″ mattress-in-a-box
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • A combination of hypallergenic memory foam and innerspring mattress features
  • Accommodates heavy sleepers
  • Affordable price
  • 10- year warranty

Consumers Reviews

Linenspa Hybrid mattress is people’s top pick at Amazon, where a huge number of consumers have rated and reviewed it positively. It brought a drastic change to their lives when they discovered that they could sleep well despite their health problems and poor past sleeping experiences. Some of them learned that a great mattress was very important for a good night’s sleep.

Besides, they found it as soft as a foam mattress, and as firm as an innerspring mattress at the same time. This dual feature made them overjoyed.

Some heavy sleepers expressed their appreciation for the mattress because it held them perfectly well and they truly enjoyed their restful sleep on it.

Many people experienced that the mattress provided them relief from neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain. They not only cherished their sleep hours but also started their days without any painful feelings.

Couples loved it because the Linenspa Hybrid mattress allowed them to sleep without getting affected by the tossing and turning of their partners in bed.

The mattress temperature is moderate; both hot and cool sleepers can appreciate it.

Moreover, they got thrilled to find such a valuable mattress at such an economical price.

Casper Sleep Element Mattress


  • A Full-sized Firm mattress
  • Cool mattress due to AirScapeTM perforated foam technology
  • Great combination of comfort & support
  • A Mattress-in-a-box
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day free trial period

Consumer Reviews

The Casper Sleep Element is a top-rated mattress for back pain that has earned consumers’ trust. They got fascinated by the union of comfort and support. Back and stomach sleepers considered it the best choice.

People experienced neck and lumbar-region pain relief, which brought a lot of positive changes to their lives. Many consumers were glad to find it a solution to their spinal arthritis. A peaceful sleep helped them wake up rejuvenated. It resulted in a great beginning of the day, better mood, and enhanced social and professional performance.

They didn’t find out any chemical odor, stains, or dirt at the delivery time.

It is easy to move, expand and unfold, which was a pleasant surprise for many consumers.

According to consumers’ reviews, the Casper Sleep Element was worth all the money spent on it. They realized that the mattress came up with much more value than its price. they intended to shop for more of the same mattress for their other furniture pieces.

Moreover, they were satisfied with the full-money-return policy within the trial period.


  • Not a good fit for side sleepers because of its firmness.
  • Not suitable for hot-sleepers
  • It offered low motion transfer for couples

Olee Sleep Spring Mattress


  • Queen-sized Hybrid mattress
  • Firmness Level: Plush
  • 12″ Cool mattress
  • Made up of iCoil Pocketed Springs & Memory Foam.
  • A Mattress-in-a-Box
  • 10 – year warranty

Consumers Review

Olee Sleep Spring Mattress is another best bed for back pain that is

successful in getting their consumers’ approval. The high rating and great reviews show its popularity in the mattress industry.

The consumers liked the firmness along with the plush top. They praised the quality material that was used to give them both the advantages simultaneously: cushion & support. Even heavy sleepers found it a good fit. They experienced comfort but did not feel a sinking feeling.

The mattress was great for restricting the movement transfer of the sleepers on the bed. You didn’t need to worry about the tossing and turning of yourself and your partner. You both could sleep peacefully without any interruption.

Furthermore, it supported neck-spine-hip alignment successfully and provided relief to the body pressure points.

It was cooler than foam mattresses and got adjusted to the body temperature.

It was best for side sleepers; however, back and stomach sleepers also enjoyed their experience with the mattress. Thus, it was overall a good option for all sleeping positions.

It was easy to handle unpacking and unfolding.


  • A pleasant orange peel like odor that vanished in a short while

LUCID Latex Hybrid Mattress


  • 12″ TwinXL Mattress
  • Medium-Firm Latex-Hybrid Mattress
  • Gel Memory Foam infusion to regulate temperature’
  • Supportive for slim and overweight sleepers both
  • Compatible with Mattress-in-a-Box
  • 10-Year Warranty

Consumer Reviews

LUCID Latex-Hybrid mattress the best beds for lower back pain and upper back pain. It is well-liked by consumers with a high positive rating. Moreover, this mattress falls on the list of the popular modern mattress types: latex-hybrid mattresses.

The hybrid mattress, which was a combination of pocketed spring and latex, offered a cool sleep. So, it was a great choice for cool sleepers.

The customers loved the soft and comfortable but firm and supportive mattress because it was great for joint pressure relief and neck-shoulders-spine-hips alignment. The sleepers enjoyed their bedtime and they wanted to rest even longer hours. The people who suffered from accidental injuries, and other painful illnesses such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine, etc. loved the cushioning and support of this plush-firm mattress. The mattress enabled them to have a restful and pain-free sleep. They woke up in the morning while appreciating the LUCID Latex Hybrid mattress.

At the time of delivery, the mattress was well wrapped, which was compatible with the mattress in a box.

The mattress was equally useful for people with different sleeping positions.

The home delivery of the LUCID Latex-Hybrid mattress was not only fast but also quite safe because the mattress reached customers’ homes in an airtight seal.


  • It came up with a light chemical smell at the delivery time.
  • It didn’t satisfy the hot sleepers.
  • Too heavy to be handled by one person.

Inofia Eurotop Hybrid Mattress


  • Hybrid of foam & innerspring mattress
  • 8″ Twin Mattress in orthopedic design
  • Eco-friendly & CertiPUR-US certified mattress
  • Medium-Firm on the firmness scale
  • A mattress-in-a-box
  • 100 – day trial period
  • 10 – year warranty

Consumer Reviews

Inofia Eurotop Hybrid Mattress earned a very good name in the consumers’ community. Initially, consumers admired the efficient customer service, fast delivery, and, compact and neat packing.

The first thing they enjoyed was that it was too soft and too thick at the same time. They loved the comfort and support that provided their neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, and hips with the perfect alignment. It meant it was great for pressure relief from joints. Many consumers told that it kind of cured their back pain and they began to enjoy sound sleep for longer hours. It resulted in pain-free and delightful mornings for them.

Info Eurotop hybrid was the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain and upper back pain. Also, it was great for sleeping on the back and stomach positions. Several consumers found it useful and supportive even for overweight and plus-sized sleepers.

Moreover, they liked the bouncy quality as it appeared like a fun product for their kids. Children played with it as if they played with a trampoline. This feature pleased their parents in general.

Consumers found it much more valuable than its price.


  • Low edge support
  • No padding at the top, though it was a comfortable mattress
  • A little smelly at the time of delivery but after some time it vapored off.
  • Too heavy to handle for a single person

Why Buying the Best Mattress for Back Pain in 2021

When we talk about the most enjoyable sleep, we cannot ignore the topic of back pain. Despite all the comforts and blessings in life, our bad back can ruin our sleep, which is crucial for our health, peace of mind, creativity, professional performance, and mundane activities.

There are three kinds of backache:

  • Upper Back Pain
  • Middle Back Pain
  • Lower Back Pain

The best mattress for bad back in 2021 cannot cure the pain but it can relieve the pain and provide your back with the strength to sleep comfortably.  Selecting the mattress that is specially designed for back pain is certainly one of the factors that do not allow your illness to go to the next level. On the other hand, if you are not well informed on this topic and you make wrong choices when it comes to buying the right mattress for your back pain, you will suffer even more in the future.

What to Look for in the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

There are some factors to be considered when selecting the best mattress for back:

  • Firmness Level of a Mattress
  • Pressure Relief Feature
  • Your Personal Sleeping Position
  • Mattress Types to Choose From

Firmness Level of a Mattress

Your aching back needs a combination of comfort and support. It means you don’t need a plush or sinking like too soft mattress; rather, you desire a mattress that is comfortable in feel but firm enough to support your back alignment.

Therefore, your back requires a medium-firm to the slightly-Firm mattress that is the 5 – 7 level on the firmness scale. It’s a win-win deal where your spine will enjoy both the comfort of your bed and push-back support.

Apart from giving general advice, the firmness level of a mattress depends upon the bodyweight of the sleeper. If you are a slim person, you will exert less weight on the mattress and you will require medium-firm level push-back support. However, if you are heavy, you will put more weight on the mattress and you will need more push-back support than a lean person requires. Therefore, a slightly-firm mattress will serve you the best.

Pressure Point Relief Feature

The best mattress for body pain and back pain is the one that relieves pain from the pressure points. When we speak of back pain, we mean all the pressure points that cause pain to our neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. When a mattress applies too much push-back support to one of these pressure points, it disturbs the back alignment, which results in a hurting back. So, whenever you buy a mattress, always look for the ‘PRESSURE RELIEF’ feature in the mattress type you intend to buying.                                                                              

Your Personal Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position also has a correlation with back pain relief. The major sleeping positions are three:

  • Side Sleepers
  • Back Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers
Sleeping PositionsRequired Mattress Firmness Level
Side SleepersThey need a medium-soft mattress. A mattress on a 5.0-6.5 firmness scale is required.
Back SleepersThey require a firm mattress, that is, 6 – 7 levels on the firmness scale.
Stomach SleepersThey should go for a slightly firm mattress. 6.5 – 7.5 levels on a firmness scale is preferred.

Mattress Types to Choose From

Whenever you look for the best mattress for back pain, always check the mattress types. Actually, the different mattresses come in different types. Each type offers its own product line for body pain, especially backache. The details of all major types are here:

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam mattresses are known for their soft feel; however, they have designed 4 PCF with medium-density and 5 PCF mattresses with high-density foam to ease the bad back. They offer enough contouring to the body and perfect alignment to the spine. Moreover, they provide pressure relief to all body parts.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are, traditionally, considered the best mattresses to ease back pain. Their upper thin foam, polyester, or cotton layer is powered by layers of spring or solid coils. The combination makes the mattress medium-firm, which not only allows softness and contouring to the body but also supports the back alignment.

Usually, innerspring mattresses are cheap as compared to other mattress types. In addition, they come up with the option of customization, which tailors a spring bed perfect for back pain relief.

In the modern mattress market, innerspring mattresses face fierce competition with other mattress types. These days, latex, Memory Foam, and Hybrid mattresses are attracting more customer attention.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a co-product of Foam & Spring Mattresses. The upper layer is made up of foam, wool, fiberfill, or latex. The lower layer is built-in micro-coils or spring. This combination makes the mattress as comfortable as a foam mattress and as firm as a spring mattress. They provide the body with good enough contouring that results in pressure point relief. Simultaneously, they offer support to the back alignment.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are recommended as the best mattresses to ease back pain. They are composed of a natural or synthetic latex layer on the top and a coil-oriented or air-based layer at the bottom. This construction helps the body get pressure relief and enjoys a painless sleep.

The latex mattresses are getting popular despite being more expensive than other mattress kinds.


Airbeds are different in their construction as compared to Foam or Spring mattresses; however, they have attracted customer attraction rapidly over a few decades. This mattress technology has evolved over the years and now it offers mattresses in different firmness levels. So, a sleeper can choose from a variety of back pain relief mattresses and go for the ones that are the best resort to their upper or lower back pain.


Although a specially-made-mattress-for-back-pain-relief makes a difference for you when it comes to enjoying a peaceful and painless sleep. However, it is not a cure. One has to follow the medical advice, special workouts, the right diet plan, and a healthy lifestyle to deal with the issue on a broader spectrum.

Pain-relieving mattresses are not only for people who suffer from backaches and body pains. Rather, they are for everyone, especially for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. They not only prevent back problems but also delay spinal issues from getting worse.

On a different note, we can not recommend an overall best mattress for pressure relief; so, you will have to choose among the list of 10 Best Mattresses for Back Pain Relief according to your peculiar needs. We hope that this article will help you with this decision.

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