Best Place to Buy a Mattress in 2021-Mattress Stores Near Me

When you are up to shopping for a new bed or furniture mattress, you come across the challenge of investing your money in the right product. However, there are numerous mattress buying places including mattress-specific stores, departmental stores online stores, furniture stores, etc., and you get confused between them. Naturally, the first thoughts that come to your mind are, ‘Where is the Best place to buy a mattress? Where to start from? Which shopping medium is the best one?

The answer is, there are several best places to buy a bed. Nevertheless, some new questions pop up in mind such as where are they? what criterion do they meet to be the best place to buy? and, what are their pros and cons? We have published this article to address these questions.

Our team conducted an in-depth study to find clear and data-based answers to your questions. We hope you will find these articles useful.

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What is the Best Place to Buy a Mattress

Let’s start with the fact that mattress shopping is possible through both online and in-store ways. Both shopping media have their own customer lines. They have their own pros and cons. Once we discuss them in detail here, you will find mattress purchasing less complicated and stressful.

Best Place to Buy a Mattress Online

The kinds of online mattress shopping is available:

  1. Online Brands
  2. Intenet Marketplaces

1. Online Brands

Several mattress brands sell only through the internet. On the other hand, most of the physical mattress stores offer online buying options. You may find top branded mattresses such as:

With online brands, you shop from the brand directly without any middle-man. You may find a good variety of different kinds of American mattresses. Some mattress companies provide customized features as well. For you, it can be the best place to buy a bed.

2. Online Market Places

Different departmental-store-like-eCommerce-stores are called market places. and are popular examples of online marketplaces. These stores sell not only mattresses but also other products. logo logo

Online stores or marketplaces are some of the best places to buy a mattress because of their strong points. You may call each one of them ‘best mattress stores near me‘ because of their full-time easy accessibility.

Let’s analyze this option through its pros and cons:


  • The online stores offer mattresses at a cheaper price because they don’t have to pay the price of a physical mattress outlet and overheads. That’s how you pay only the cost of the mattress.
  • You may browse different mattress brands, types, models, in a short while through your cell phone or computer.
  • You get to know the specifications for all kinds of mattresses.
  • On subscription, you may be updated for their deals, sales, and coupons via notifications.
  • They offer a safe and quick home delivery service.
  • These internet stores come up with great warranty and return policies.
  • You may get customer feedback.


  • You can’t try out the mattress in person.
  • Also, you cannot experience the real feel of the mattress.

The Best Place to Buy a Mattress: Instore Shopping

In-Store Mattress Brands

In-store mattresses are available in three ways:

  1. Mattress Brands
  2. Furniture Showrooms
  3. Departmental Stores
1. Mattress Brands

You might find some famous local mattress stores nearby. Some of them can be Mattress Firm, Casper Sleep, Temper-Pedic, etc.

The great factor of in-store shopping is that you come across knowledgeable customer service and salespersons. You may ask your questions, share your concerns and express your specific needs. They can help you with all that. It will help you buy a mattress that suits your desired needs.

2. Furniture Showrooms

Many furniture showrooms sell mattresses of different brands. Each brand comes with diverse kinds of mattresses. You may choose from them according to your needs. Moreover, you may walk around and see the entire variety. Even you can try out some mattresses in order to make sure that you get what you really need. This facility is a good solution to where to buy a mattress that ensures perfect sleep for you.

However, usually, furniture stores have a limited mattress variety. Moreover, their salespersons are not as knowledgeable as the salespersons of mattress brands.

3. Departmental Stores

Many departmental stores put mattresses for sale. Nonetheless, you should always check online or call them to make sure if they really sell mattresses. If yes, which brands do they sell? etc.

Some good departmental stores in the USA are Sears, Macy’s & JC Penny’s. You might end up saying this is the best place to buy a bed?

Nevertheless, with them, you will have similar issues as you do with Furniture stores.


  • In-store shopping allows you to move around and look at the mattresses personally. Moreover, you may lie on the bed and experience the actual feel.
  • You may get the help of the salespersons and customer service in order to find a desired and customized mattress.
  • You may be thrilled to see some “mattress stores near me”. And, you may feel that mattress shopping is easier or on your way home from work.


  • In-store mattresses are more expensive than online mattresses.
  • At Furniture showrooms and departmental stores, salespersons might not be knowledgeable enough to guide you properly. Rather, they may misguide you. Or, they may persuade you into buying the wrong mattress.
  • Similarly, at departmental stores and furniture shops, you will find a limited mattress variety.

Another Best Place to Buy a Mattress: Hybrid Mattress Stores

The hybrid mattress stores are the ones that offer both in-store and online shopping. It’s up to you which option you would like to avail. However, prices are higher here as compared to online stores. The reason is, they have to pay the rent, bills, salaries, etc., like any other bricks and mortar store.

Some great mattress hybrid or specialty stores are Temper-Pedic, Purple, Sleep Number, Mattress Firm, etc. If you look around, you might conclude saying: “Ohh there are several mattress places near me.”


  • They have similar pros to online and physical stores.


  • Their cons are similar to the cons of online and in-store mattresses.


Now, you need not worry about ‘where should I buy a mattress‘ because you have both online and in-store shopping options in hand. In fact, both are the best places to buy depending upon your choices. You may prefer one to the other based on your context and personality type. However, there is general guidance.

You should shop online provided you:

  • want to learn about the product feedback: customer reviews & rating.
  • like to shop from the comfort of your home.
  • prefer to get a detailed description of each mattress brand, type, model, material, price, discounts, etc.
  • want to get the best price and save money.

You should go for instore shopping provided you:

  • want to look at and experience the mattress by yourself.
  • like to speak to the salespersons.
  • you don’t care much about the higher price.
  • you have no time and/or aptitude to conduct your own pre-shopping research.

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