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Best Purple Mattress – Review 2021

If you are looking for a modern bed mattress that is firm but pain-relieving simultaneously, you have asked for a unique feature in mattresses. However, it is possible with the Purple Mattress. They come in four models:

Let’s look into the details of all three mattresses so that you may make up your mind for the best Purple Mattress for you.

The Best Purple Mattress Photpo

Construction of The Purple Mattresses

The Purple Mattress (Original) Photo
Purple Mattress Models Mattress’ Construction
Original Model:
The Purple Mattress
2″ Purple Grid top layer.
3.5″ high-density Polyfoam Layer.
4″ Firm Support Foam Base.
A Breathable Mattress Cover of Polyester+Viscose+Lycra material
New Model:
Purple Hybrid Mattress
2″ Purple Grid top Layer.
0.5″ Polyurethane foam layer.
7.5″ Polypropylene fabric encased pocketed Coil Layer.
1″ PolyFoam Base Layer with 2PCF density.
A Breathable Mattress Cover
Advanced Version:
Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress
3″ or 4″ Purple Grid top Layer.
0.5″ Polyurethane foam layer.
7.5″ Polypropylene fabric encased pocketed Coil Layer.
1″ PolyFoam Base Layer with 2PCF density
A Breathable Mattress Cover
Kid’s Mattress:
Purple Kid’s Mattress
2″ Purple Grid top layer.
2.5″ Soft Transition Foam
2.5″ Medium Support Foam
A Breathable Polyester-Spandex Mattress Cover

The Original Purple Mattress Review


Firmness LevelMedium-Firm
ConstructionAll-Foam mattress

The Purple mattress is the original and signature mattresses of the Purple Mattress company. It has a soft and firm feel at the same time. For comfort seekers, it is a budget mattress.

Edge Support

The mattress provides good edge support through its encased foam at the perimeter of the Purple Grid. So, when you are in the bed, you feel absolutely safe and sound.

Heat Control

It has a top gel layer and a breathable mattress cover. Both the constructions allow full-time airflow. This consistent airflow doesn’t let the mattress overheat the sleepers. As compared to traditional all-foam mattresses, they enjoy a cooler sleep.

Motion Transfer

This mattress is not really good at absorbing motion that is created by the tossing and turning of the partners on the bed. Therefore, if you or your partners are habitual of changing your sides frequently, The Purple Mattress is not for you.

Pressure Relief

The mattress is fully capable of relieving pressure which means it doesn’t let the sensitive points in your body build pressure. This pressure building is harmful because it further turns into body aches in muscles, joints, and pressure points. Therefore, if you face arthritis or other similar physical problems, The Purple Mattress is a solution for you. It will keep you relaxed throughout the night and you will sleep without even knowing if you have any kind of body pain.

Moreover, the medium-firm mattress conforms to your body and cradles your head, back, and hips gently. So, you feel immense comfort.

Bed Noise

This all-foam mattress doesn’t create any kind of noise when you use the bed. Therefore, you may sleep uninterrupted.

Couple’s Mattress

The Purple Mattress is responsive and bouncy. Besides, you can move on to the bed easily. Except for its poor motion isolation, it has all other features that make it a couple’s mattress. So, if motion transfer on the bed doesn’t bother you as a couple, you may enjoy the mattress confidently.

Purple Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

Sleeping PositionsSleepers Below 130lbs.Sleepers 130lbs. – 230lbs.Sleepers Above 230lbs.
Side SleepersPerfectGood EnoughFair Enough
Back SleepersPerfectGood EnoughFair Enough
Stomach SleepersPerfectFair EnoughUnsatisfactory

Side Sleepers

The Purple mattress provides a mix of supportive and cushion-like feeling too lightweight (below 130 lbs.) sleepers because of its plush Purple Grid and NEW SoftFlex Wave Knit mattress cover. This combination of immense comfort and immense support helps the side sleepers maintain their neck, spine, and hips in alignment. This alignment doesn’t let pressure points build pressure. Thus, they enjoy painless nights.

Nonetheless, the heavier side-sleepers of 130-230lbs or above, Purple offers moderate-level service. These sleepers don’t receive the firmness that is enough to support their spines. In technical words, The Purple Mattress is 6/10, on the firmness scale of 1-10. However, the heavier sleepers need firmness around 7/10.

Back Sleepers

The back sleepers who are below 130 lbs find this mattress doing an amazing job for them. Even the medium weight side sleeper (of 130-230) receives enough cradling, cushioning, and support according to their bodies’ required comfort and alignment.

On the other hand, the heavy side sleepers of above 230lbs, experience a too-soft mattress in Purple, that doesn’t meet their requirements for body alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

The Purple Mattress doesn’t satisfy the stomach sleepers by its performance, including both lightweight and heavyweight sleepers. They find the Purple a too-soft mattress for them. They need a firmer mattress that can keep their bodies aligned so that they don’t build pressure points. It is very important to avoid pressure on the pressure points because they further cause body aches.

Cons of The Purple Mattress

Like any other product, The Purple Mattress can not satisfy everyone. It has its own disadvantages for some users.

  • It is not for stomach sleepers.
  • This mattress doesn’t perform well for overweight back & side sleepers.
  • The Purple mattress doesn’t please hot sleepers.
  • It doesn’t get the approval of the sleepers who believe in the feel of traditional all-foam mattresses.
  • Purple Mattress is not good for motion isolation.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review


Firmness LevelFirm

The Hybrid Purple Mattress comes with a solid coil structure. Therefore, it offers a firm feel, that is, around 7/10 on a firmness scale of 1-10. However, because of the Purple gel grid, it doesn’t feel hard. Rather, it feels as if it is firm but cushioning providing at the same time.

Edge Support

The Hybrid model provides great edge support that is competitive with the other spring mattresses in the market. The bouncy and responsive bed provides some sinkage when you sleep on the edges. Alongside, you have all the bed-space to roll on to easily.

Heat Control

Purple Hybrid mattress has a pro-cool-sleeping model. Its coil construction and gel grid circulate the air throughout the mattress all the time. That’s how body heat dissipates consistently rather than being trapped in the bed. Overall, it provides a cool sleeping temperature.

Motion Transfer

The fiber-encased coil structure beneath the transition foam layer and the presence of a gel grid on the top build a motion-absorbing mattress structure. The top two layers don’t let the motion reach the coil construction. Therefore, when you turn on toss on the bed, coils don’t respond. That’s how the bed movement doesn’t disturb the other sleeping partner.

Pressure Relief

The top Purple Grid layer not only conforms to the body structure but also distributes body weight on the entire bed evenly. These factors relieve pressure points. When it happens, the body aches in the different parts of the body disappear. And, you may spend the night without feeling any pain.


The mattress doesn’t produce any noise due to its fiber-encased coils and motion isolation ability. So, you may enjoy the night-sleep uninterrupted.

Couple’s Mattress

The Purple Hybrid mattress is definitely great for couples’ activities because of its balance of comfort and support, responsiveness, bounciness, ease of movement, motion isolation, heat control, noise removal, and pressure relief. Therefore, couples can enjoy their time on it.

Purple Hybrid Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

Sleeping PositionsSleepers Below 130lbs.Sleepers 130lbs. – 230lbs.Sleepers Above 230lbs.
Side SleepersGood EnoughPerfectGood Enough
Back SleepersGood EnoughPerfectGood Enough
Stomach SleepersPerfectGood EnoughFair Enough

Side Sleepers

The mattress provides phenomenal support and body contouring to side sleepers who are 130 – 230 lbs. However, sleepers who are below and above this body-weight range can also find the mattress performing moderately well for them and provide them good enough comfort & firmness. In general, it works well for lighter and heavier side sleepers both,

Back Sleepers

The same is the case with back sleepers, though they need a little firmer bed. However, the mattress works for them the same way as it works for side sleepers. Back sleepers of all body-weight ranges may appreciate the Purple hybrid bed.

Stomach Sleepers

The stomach sleepers strain their neck and spine a lot. Therefore, they need softer but firmer beds to support their back alignment. At the same time, they need a cushion to sleep on. The Purple Hybrid mattress meets both their requirements well, no matter they are heavy or light in weight. However, sleepers who are above 230 lbs. might feel some discomfort because they feel like their midsection body is facing a sinkage in the bed, which may disturb their back alignment.

Cons of the Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Hybrid Mattress comes along with some cons, too:

  • It won’t be the best choice for overweight stomach sleepers.
  • The sleepers who prefer foam mattresses, won’t appreciate it much.
  • Hot sleepers will not go for a cooling mattress like this.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review


Firmness LevelSoft, soft-medium
Height12″ & 13″

As compared to the Purple Hybrid mattress, the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress has a thicker layer of Purple Grid. It has two models:

  • 3″ Grid Model
  • 4″ Grid Model

This mattress offers more cushioning to the body because of its thicker gel grid layer. However, it comes with the same features as the Purple Hybrid mattress, except for a few differences:

The similarities between Purple Hybrid & Purple Hybrid Premier:

  • The Perfect Balance of Softness and Support
  • No Motion Transfer
  • Perfect Pressure Relief
  • Full Noise Control
  • Ease of Movement
  • Great for Couple Activities
  • Cool Sleeping

The differences between Purple Hybrid & Purple Hybrid Premier

Differ in firmness levels:

Purple Hybrid Mattress Firmeness: Medium-Firm, i.e., 6.5/10 on the firmness scale of 1-10.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Firmeness:

With a 3” Gel Grid, it is Medium-Firm, i.e., 5-6/10 on the firmness scale of 1-10.

Along with 4″ Gel Grid, it is Soft in feel, i.e., 4.5/10 on the firmness scale of 1-10.

The difference in Construction

The Purple Hybrid mattress comes in a 2″ thick Purple Grid layer. Nonetheless, the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress is made up of 3″ and 4″ thick gel grid layers.

In other words, unlike the Hybrid model, the Hybrid Premier model provides a thicker comfort layer. So, naturally, sleepers find more sink-in feel here which shows more comfort.

The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

Sleeping PositionsSleepers Below 130lbs.Sleepers 130lbs. – 230lbs.Sleepers Above 230lbs.
Side SleepersGood EnoughPerfectGood Enough
Back SleepersPerfectGood EnoughGood Enough
Stomach SleepersPerfectGood EnoughFair Enough

Side Sleepers

The Purple Hybrid Premier bed accommodates all three sleeping styles including side sleeping, back sleeping, and stomach sleeping. However, it suits the side sleepers of 130 lbs – 230 lbs weight the best. On the other hand, it fulfills the needs of those side sleepers who weigh less than 130 lbs and more than 230 lbs too. It is so because of its plush, solid, bouncy, and responsive Foam-Coils construction.

Back Sleepers

This mattress caters to the requirements of back sleepers of less than 130 lbs perfectly well. Alongside, the sleepers above this weight-range also find it suitable for them. It is equally good for heavy and slim back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

The Hybrid Premier mattress of the Purple Mattress series suits the stomach sleepers almost in the same way as it does to back sleepers. However, the heavy stomach sleepers who are above 230 lbs, won’t get the perfect combination of comfort and firmness simultaneously. It means that it won’t provide them with perfect back alignment.

Cons of the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

  • It is one of the expensive mattresses.
  • The mattress can’t be preferred by 230 lb plus stomach sleepers.
  • Hot sleepers won’t like it.

Purple Kid’s Mattress Review

Purple Kid's Mattress Photo


Suitable Age groupUp to 14 years
Size Twin
Firmness LevelMedium-Firm
Mattress TypeAll-foam
Best for All Sleeping Positions
Can be UsedA single beds, bunk beds

Mattress Construction

The Purple Kid’s mattress is a soft all-foam mattress, just like the original Purple mattress. The 2” Hyper-Elastic Polymer Purple Grid is used here also, as a top layer. Its construction is different from the other Purple beds. The kids’ bed has a Purple Grid in the middle of the mattress and a foam layer is added to grids perimeters.


  • The mattress is 7″ thick and comes only in twin sizes.
  • It conforms to all body types.
  • This mattress works the best for children who weigh less than 115 lbs.
  • The mattress not only provides the comfort required for a luxury kid’s bed but also gives strong spinal support.
  • Purple Kid’s mattress comes with a removable and washable mattress cover.
  • It is a luxury bed, so it is a little pricy.
  • The mattress provides a cool sleep.


  • The Purple Kid’s Mattress comes in only one size.
  • For kids, it is a bit pricy
  • The mattress is less responsive. So, if your kid changes his/her sides frequently, it might not be the best fit for him/her.

Apart from the kids’ mattress, Purple provides some kids’ accessories, too:

Purple Pet’s Mattress Review

Purple Pet's Mattress Photo

As a pet-lover, you will always look for a nicer pet-bed. If you have a pet of up to 30 lbs, a Purple bed can be a good selection.


The Purple pet bed is made up of three layers:

  1. Top Layer: Hyper-Elastic Polymer (Purple Grid)
  2. Transition Layer: dense polyurethane foam
  3. Base Layer: High-density polyurethane foam

The Pet bed comes in three sizes: Large, medium & small.

The mattress cover is washable, moisture resistant, hypoallergenic, and anti-microbial.

Purple Company Products & Policies

The Purple company not only sells mattresses but also produces some other bed-related items as well:

  • pet-beds
  • bed-frames
  • cushions
  • mattress protectors
  • pillows
  • mattress sheets.

Shopping Availability

The Purple Mattress is not only available in physical stores but also can be purchased online (at Amazon). However, the Purple Hybrid Mattress and Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress are available only on the company website. You may shop it from the internet only.

Purple Warranty

The Purple Mattresses offer a 10-year warranty period which is taken as a standard warranty time. It shows that the mattresses are durable. And, if there are any manufacturing faults, the company will replace the mattress.

Trial Period

The purple company provides a 100-Night trial. It is a good feature because your body takes time to get adjusted to a new mattress and you can make up your mind for or against the mattress with time.

Return Policy

If you return the mattress during the trial period, just because it is not a good fit for you, the Purple Mattress will give you a full refund.


The Purple Mattress company comes up with three mattress options for you and we have reviewed all three of them so that you can easily decide which Purple mattress should be your best choice.

Moreover, if you are searching for a mattress for your kid or pet, Purple caters to this need as well. Thus, you have various and diverse mattress choices under one roof.

The best part is, all the mattresses are available online along with their reviews. So, you may access all the information that would help you in finding the best Purple Mattress for you.