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Why Is Zinus Mattress Getting More Popular in 2021

We decided to write Zinus mattress reviews because of some solid reasons. We got fascinated by the information that we get during our research. The Zinus brand comes up with a diverse variety of amazing and promising mattresses.

Let’s tell you about the general features of Zinus Mattresses. First, Zinus is famous for producing the most comfortable and healthiest mattresses. Second, the company comes up with a variety of different mattress models including all-Memory Foam, innerspring, and hybrid beds. Third, they infuse green tea, gel, charcoal, and olive oil in their foam layers to avoid harmful chemicals and materials such as flame retardants, formaldehyde, and phthalates. It means that these mattresses are non-toxic.

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Zinus Mattresses Variants

During our Zinus Mattress review, we will introduce its several variants that cater to the personalized needs of a wide range of customers. We provide the full list so that you may choose your right fit.

The List of Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

The List of Zinus Innerspring Mattress

The List of Zinus Hybrid Mattress

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Zinus Mattress Review 2021

Zinus Inc. company started in 1979 as a tent manufacturer. Zinus Mattress was first launched in 2004 as a new product line of Zinus company. Today, an eCommerce brand sells value bedroom accessories, including furniture, bed-frames, mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers. They claim to provide easy-to-assemble, luxurious, and elegant sofas and bed frames, too. They are famous for using BioFoam and Gel technologies. In general, the Zinus mattresses are known for having these features.

Construction Material of Zinus Mattresses

Zinus company uses different manufacturing materials for its different models. The major construction elements are as follows:

Memory Foam

This is a visco-elastic polyurethane material. It conforms to the body and retains body heat. This results in making a warm bed.

Adaptive Foam

It is a foam material that is infused with ceramic gel and graphite. The Adaptive Foam doesn’t retain heat and moisture. Moreover, it has an open-celled structure that allows air circulation throughout the mattress.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a plant extract that is blended with charcoal & castor oil to make a gel.

The Green Tea extract or powder form reduces the chemical odor of the foam mattresses organically.

The Green Tea gel infusion in the Memory Foam gives a softer feel to the mattress. Alongside, Green Tea enables it to conform to the body and holds it firmly. This balanced equation of support & contouring provides pressure elimination and pain relief.

Thus, these features play a vital role in offering relaxed and better quality sleep.

Besides, it improves the longevity of a mattress.

Gel Foam

The Gel Foam is infused with gel microbeads. These gelled microbeads are spread all over the mattress layer. They give the mattress a breathable quality which facilitates the airflow across the mattress. Thus, the mattress doesn’t retain the body heat, and sleepers can enjoy cool sleeping.


It is a new innerspring mattress technology where pocketed coils are designed with such precision that a mattress can be compressed into a box packing. Usually, this encased spring coils layer has a foam layer at the top.

Mattress Cover Fabric

A Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is made up of water-resistant & hypoallergenic fabric that is attached with organic polyethylene material. It controls the VOCs from off-gassing.

For some other Zinus mattress models, the covers are built with microfiber and Memory Foam.

Similarly, Jacquard and Polyester-made covers are also used on some of the Zinus mattress variants.

Features of Zinus Mattress

Pressure Relief

The Zinus mattresses are good at body contouring, no matter they are foam mattresses, spring mattresses, or hybrid mattresses. They hold the human body softly but firmly. Besides it, they distribute the body weight equally across the mattress; that’s why the sleepers don’t sink in the bed. In other words, they experience utmost comfort, relaxation, and alignment in the bed. This feeling and alignment don’t let the pressure points develop any pressure which causes body pain.

Cooling Mattress

Gel and Green Tea infusion in Memory Foam layers and ventilated mattress covers regulate the airflow in Ziuns mattresses constantly. Similarly, adaptive foam and innerspring coils also help in maintaining the airflow. In other words, they don’t let the mattress trap body heat in any case. Thus, the sleepers don’t feel overheated and sweating. Rather, they enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep.

Motion Isolation

Memory Foam Zinus mattress models are good at motion isolation. They provide from moderate to perfect level motion-transfer control depending upon the mattress model.

Organic Mattress

Zinus mattresses are CertiPUR certified, which means these mattresses are of top-notch quality material. They meet the standards of longevity, emission, and performance set by the US bed & bedding certification authority.

Moreover, they are free from non-toxic elements, such as

  • ozone depleters
  • formaldehyde
  •  phthalates
  • heavy metals like lead, mercury, etc.
  • flame retardants such as TDCPP, PBDEs, or TCEP 

In addition, these mattresses emit the minimum amount of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), which is known as the off-gassing feature of the mattress. At the time of unboxing a new compressed Zinus mattress, you smell a slight chemical odor (VOC). However, you will find the Zinus Mattress smell lighter than non-organic mattresses in the market.

Budget Mattress

Despite providing high-quality performance and technically modern features, Zinus mattresses are economical. You will be thrilled to see their Prices at Amazon.

In addition, they facilitate their customers through monthly payment plans as well. So, if you want to opt for it, you may discuss it with their customer service.

A Mattress-in-a-Box

Zinus Inc. applies advanced packing technology where they compress the mattresses in small boxes. Thus, they are easy to ship and send to your doorsteps. On the other hand, you can unbox, unroll and set the mattress effortlessly.


Zinus mattresses follow the six standard sizes: Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King & Cal King. However, all the mattress models don’t observe all of the sizes. Some models are made in less than 6 mentioned sizes.


Zinus mattress warranty is considered standared in the market. It comes with a 10-Year limited warranty. All you have to do here is, read the details of the warranty carefully and follow their policy.

Trial Period

The mattress company offers a 100-Night trial. During this time, you may make sure if you have bought the right mattress that meets your personal requirements. If you are not satisfied, you may return the mattress within due time and get a refund. Thus, the Zinus mattress return policy is user-friendly.

However, you have to read the terms and conditions of the refund policy carefully and follow their requirements.


We conclude our research here as Zinus deserves the increasing popularity it gains. It offers all types of top-quality mattresses which include all-foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. These mattresses are beneficial and supportive of people who face sleep deprivation because of the improper bed, low-quality mattress material, hot sleep facility, and body pains.

Luckily, Zinus mattress Amazon is easily accessible. Many of them attain Amazon’s Choice & Amazon Best Seller Status. It shows the popularity and huge usefulness of Amazon Zinus Mattress. Do check it when searching for a great bed mattress.

For customization purpose, you may add a Zinus mattress topper to you bed.

The Signature Zinus Mattress: Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Green Tea Memory Mattress is considered a best seller on Amazon. There, a huge number of consumers rated it remarkably high and reviewed it positively.

Warranty10 Years
Trial Period100 Nights
Mattress TypeMemory Foam
Mattress Models by Thickness levels6″, 8″, 10″, 12″
Mattress SizesTwin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, & Cal King (8″ model exempted)
Firmness LevelMedium (6″ & 8″ models)
Medium-Soft (10″ & 12″ models)


Mattress LayersMaterial
Comfort LayerGreen Tea Infused Memory Foam
Transition LayersPolyfoam (For 6″, 8″ & 10″ models)
Base LayerHD Polyfoam
HD Polyfoam + HD Polyfoam (only for 12″ model)
Mattress CoverMixed Jacquard Fabric

Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Review

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Pressure Relief

6″ and 8″ tall mattresses offer an average-level comfort, body-conforming, and pressure removal. They can be a good choice for light sleepers.

Contrarily, 10″ and 12″ tall mattresses offer a plush-comfy feel. They contour the body curves perfectly well and their bush-back forces don’t let the body sink deep into the bed. The sleeper feels pressure relief throughout their bodies, which further allows pain-elimination from the joints & muscles. Therefore, sleepers enjoy a sound sleep on these beds.

Motion Isolation

The 6″ tall Zinus Green Tea Mattress offers average motion isolation. So, the sleeping partners feel the vibrations when one of them changes the positions. It is so because the comfort layer is very thin and can’t absorb sleepers’ movements. In this way, the sensitive partners can’t enjoy a restful sleep here.

However, The 8″, 10″ & 12″ tall mattresses are very effective in isolating motion on the bed. When one sleeper tosses or turns on the bed, the other one doesn’t feel any movements on the mattress. Thus, both of them sleep peacefully, no matter how frequently they change their positions.

Edge Support

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattresses don’t come with strong edge support like any other foam mattress. You don’t feel safe on the edges, especially if you are a heavy sleeper.

However, as compared to 8″ to 12″ tall models, the 6″ tall model comes up with firmer edge support. This mattress is a little sturdier on the perimeters and provides moderate-level edge support.


Like other all-foam mattresses, Zinus Green Tea mattresses trap body heat and let the sleepers sleep hot. Their comfort layer conforms to your body very closely, so it doesn’t allow the airflow to go across the bed. This context doesn’t allow the mattress to cool the temperature down. The heavier the sleeper is, the warmer the bed will be.

However, the 6″ tall mattress performs a bit differently. It is less firm than its counterparts and it doesn’t contour the body so closely. So, the sleepers don’t sink in too far and the air circulation takes place somehow. As a result, the mattress doesn’t trap body heat intensely. That’s how this model provides a little cooler sleeping.

Ease of Movement

The Zinus Memory Foam mattress doesn’t perform well at this point regardless of its thickness because it is an all-foam construction. The medium and medium-soft firmness levels of the mattresses let the sleepers sink in the bed to an extent where it is not easy to get in and out of it. That’s why sleepers can’t move around so easily.

They become more intense for the heavy sleepers. However, the 6″ mattress works a little better than the other three mattress profiles.

Couple’s Mattress

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress is not springy nor responsive. Also, it lacks strong edge support and ease of movement. Therefore, it doesn’t allow the couples to carry out their personal activities on the bed easily. They feel restricted when it comes to having sex. Thus, it’s not a good mattress for couples.

Sleeping Preferences

The 6″ mattress can cater to the needs of side and back sleepers as long as they are lightweight. With the side sleepers of up to 230 lbs and the stomach sleepers of 130 lbs, the Green Tea mattress performs well but it doesn’t work for heavier sleepers. However, it doesn’t work for stomach sleepers at all due to its plush feel.

The 8″ Zinus Green Tea mattress performs moderately for all kinds of sleepers irrespective of their bodyweights. However, for the stomach sleepers who weigh above 230 lbs, the mattress doesn’t work well.

The 10″ tall Green Tea Memory Foam mattress works better than the 8″ mattress model regardless of body weight. Nevertheless, the mattress doesn’t perform well for stomach sleepers of more than 230 lbs.

The 12″ mattress model works more effectively for all types of sleepers, no matter they are heavy sleepers or light sleepers. Nonetheless, the stomach sleepers who weigh above 230 lbs. don’t find the mattress much useful.


  • Zinus Green Tea mattress is a value mattress.
  • It performs better for the sleepers of 230 lbs.
  • The mattress works the best for side sleepers.


  • The mattress isn’t suitable for heavy stomach sleepers.
  • It isn’t preferred by cool sleepers.
  • Zinus Green Tea mattress comes with an average level off-gassing issue.


The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress performs just like a traditional foam mattress. However, there are other Zinus Mattress profiles that own features that are different from this model. If you go to the Zinus Mattress List links, you will find detailed information about them. It will further help you in selecting the best suitable mattress for you.

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