Greenguard Gold Certified: Safe – Natural – Mattresses

Whenever you purchase mattresses, home products, and building materials, you may come across the logo of ‘Greenguard Gold Certified‘. Knowing what does it means is important for shoppers as it makes a huge difference in their lives.

We have conducted a thorough study on the topic so that we may direct you towards organic and best air quality mattresses. These mattresses are needed for a non-polluted indoor environment. A third-party non-profit organization: The Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI), took the challenge in June 2001 officially and started providing Greenguard certifications for different materials including furniture mattresses. In 2011, UL Environment company took over GEI.

What Does Greenguard Gold Certified Means?

Greenguard Gold Certified mattresses indicate that they are safe and non-pollutant for the indoor environment. Thus, they improve indoor air quality. The certification ensures that a furniture mattress has low chemical gas emission that has to be used at homes, educational institutes, medical centers, shopping malls, and everywhere. In order to get the certification, a mattress is tested for air quality where it is examined for almost 10,000 chemicals yearly. If the mattress becomes successful in getting the certification, it means that it comes with low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

All four kinds of Greenguard certifications are effective, recognized, and appreciated worldwide.

Why is Greenguard Certification Important?

VOC emission is toxic because it develops ozone & fine particulates in the natural atmosphere and makes the environment smoggy and polluted. For humans, it causes breath-related illnesses like allergies, nausea, asthma, and irritation to the throat, nose, and eyes. In some cases, it causes even cancer and harms the nervous system. Sensitive children and adults get victimized by the presence of VOCs.

For our health commitment, limiting the emission of VOCs to the maximum is crucial. And, Greenguard certification program asks the mattress companies to go through field and lab procedures to meet its required standards that certify that a mattress has the least amount of off-gassing. Thus, a Greenguard Gold certified mattress is non-toxic & safe.

Greenguard Certification Vs Greeguard Gold Certification

Greenguard certification started in 2005 as Greenguard kids and Greenguard School programs to provide a less polluted environment for children. The program used to provide Greenguard Gold furniture and cribs for children. Later, the program got matured and it started testing furniture, mattresses, home-related articles, electronics, and kids’ products. If an item is Greenguard certified that it emits a low amount of VOCs in order to meet the air quality standards on a fundamental level.

However, later the greenguard program evolved and became more effective. It was named as Greenguard Gold Certification program in 2011. If a mattress or product earns this certification, it means that it emits absolutely zero or almost zero VOCs.

What are the limitations of the Greenguard Gold Certification Program?

Greenguard Gold certified products are not 100% VOC-emission-free. They emit the chemical gases to a

certain level, which is certainly very low. In general, the Greenguard certification lets 500 μg/m3 total VOCs emit, whereas the Greenguard Gold program lets the emission of 220 μg/m3 total VOCs.

Similarly, the certification does not get effective in eliminating semi VOCs, that are:

  • phthalates,
  • flame retardants
  • biocides
  • heavy metals

Moreover, Greenguard certifies the product for low emissions but it doesn’t test the chemical content in the product.

On a different note, many mattress sellers don’t disclose the VOCs’ emission levels once they get the certification. Therefore, if you are sensitive towards health issues, you don’t know which mattress is exactly safe for you.

Greenguard Certification Vs CertiPUR – US Certification

CertiPUR-US Program Logo
Greenguard Gold CertificationCertiPUR – US Certification
It tests and certifies a mattress for low VOCs’ emission only.Certipur – US Certification tests and certifies Polyurethane foam material for emission, content, and durability. These foam materials are to be used in mattress construction.
.This certification ensures that a mattress is safe for kids and adults in terms of indoor air quality.CertiPUR certification body does not certify the finished products; rather, they deal with the foam contained in a mattress.
It tests the mattresses of a company every year in order to issue the certificate.The certification body tests the mattresses of their client companies twice a year, and then, issues the certificate.


Greenguard Gold-certified mattresses are safe for humans and the environment. However, CertiPUR – US-certified mattresses demonstrate high-quality material and durability apart from being safe. Now, it’s up to you what certification you consider.

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