How to choose the Best Mattress in 2021 – Mattress Buying Guide

When it comes to shopping for a mattress, we come across the question: How to choose the best mattress in 2021? It is not easy to answer the query unless and until we learn about the criterion or different mattress types. Apart from the buying criteria, we should consider our sleeping positions and our physical needs including our body weight, joint pain, and other body aches.

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How to Choose the Best Mattress 2021

If you follow the mattress buying guide while answering the question, how to find the best mattress in 2021, you will never regret your mattress selection. This article will give you enough information that will help you with wise spending.

Sleeping Positions Matter

According to sleeping positions, all humans are categorized in 4 groups:

  • Back Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers 
  • Side Sleepers 
  • Combinations Sleepers

According to WebMD, 63% of Americans are side-sleepers, 14% are back sleepers and 16% are stomach sleepers.

Back Sleepers

They sleep on their back. They need a perfect shoulders-spine-hips alignment. A soft foam bed is not good for them because it would not provide them the desired support for neck-shoulders-spine-hips alignment. Rather, in their specific situation, they need a medium-firm mattress that can be 6.5-7/10 on the firmness scale.

Recommended Mattress for Back  Sleepers 2021
Recommended Mattresses for Back Sleepers 2021Mattress TypeFirmness Scale
(Firmness Level)
The WinkBedHybridLuxury Firm, Firm
Nectar Memory Foam MattressFoamMedium Firm
Brooklyn Bedding (Plank)HybridFirm

Stomach Sleepers

These people sleep on their stomachs while having their faces turned to their left or right side. This is a harmful position from the medical viewpoint because it strains your lower back and neck. However, the people who prefer this sleeping position should go for firm mattresses that may range from 7-9/10 on the firmness scale. They may find this kind of bed too hard, so they can opt for a spring or hybrid bed that can offer soft layers along with the firm bed.

Recommended Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers 2021
Recommended Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers 2021Mattress TypeFirmness Scale
(Firmness Level)
Brooklyn Bedding PlankHybridFirm
Casper Wave Hybrid MattressHybridMedium-Firm
Saatva (Saatva Classic Mattress)InnerspringMedium-Firm

Side Sleepers

These folks sleep on their left or right-hand side. From a health viewpoint, it is the best position that comes up with spine-pelvis alignment. Plus, it reduces the chances of acid reflux and heartburn. Also, it can prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s. Similarly, it is good for general health.

However, this position needs a lot of pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. A firm or hard mattress is not good for them. Instead, they should use a soft or medium mattress that can be 4-6/10 on the firmness scale. Actually, they need where their body can sink in to release its pressure.

Recommended Mattress for Side Sleepers 2021
Recommended Mattresses for Side Sleepers 2021Mattress TypeFirmness Scale
(Firmness Level)
Nectar (The Nectar Memory Foam)FoamMedium-Firm
Casper (Original)FoamSoft
Saatva Classic MattressInnerspringSoft, Medium-Firm

Combination Sleepers

These sleepers neither sleep on their back or stomach, nor they rest on their sides. Actually, they keep turning and tossing throughout the sleep hours. At one moment they side-sleepers, and on the other moment, they are stomach or back sleepers. With every changing position, their body requirements change (that are already mentioned above). It makes the case a bit complicated because they need a bed that is a combination of both soft-medium-hard. They should go for Hybrid and Latex bed mattresses. 

Technically, most of the sleepers are combo sleepers because no matter they belong to any other sleeping group, they turn their sides during their sleep.

Recommended mattress for Combo Sleepers 2021
Recommended Mattresses for Combo Sleepers 2021Mattress TypeFirmness Scale
(Firmness Level)
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora HybridHybridVaries
Nectar-Editors PickFoamMedium Firm
Casper-OriginalFoamMedium Firm

Body Weight Matters


How to find the best mattress in 2021‘ depends on how much your body weighs. Generally, mattress shoppers are not aware that bodyweight is a decisive factor in mattress selection. Most of the mattresses are tailored for people who weigh between 200-250 pounds on one bed-side. 

With this bodyweight, if you don’t have any body-aches, and you love to sleep hot, usually a foam mattress can be a good choice. 

However, if you weigh above 250 pounds, you should be aware of the different features of different kinds of mattresses that you must consider at the point of mattress shopping. For that purpose, you should take two steps:

  1. You should go online and conduct detailed research that can lead you to the mattress type that best suits your actual needs.
  2. You should speak to the customer service of the desired mattress companies.

In case you are a well-informed buyer just because of your online research, you will be in a better position to ask the right questions from the mattress sellers.

The factors that you should consider at the time of mattress shopping are as follows:

  • Size of a Mattress
  • Thickness Level of a Mattress
  • Firmness Level of a Mattress
  • Quality of Mattress Materials
  • Edge Support
  • Mattress Temperature

Size of a Mattress

As a well-informed shopper, you should be aware of different mattress sizes so that you may choose the right mattress for you as a single person or as a couple.

Here are different mattress sizes with the reference of how many people can use them. This is another consideration when you think, How to shop for a mattress?

Bed TypeBed MeasurementNo. of in-bed sleepers
Twin39″ X 75″1 single person
Twin XL39″ X 80″1 single person
Full54″ X 75″2 persons
Queen60″ X 80″2 persons
King76″ X 80″2 heavy persons

Now, if you are a single heavy sleeper, a queen-sized or a full-sized bed is good for you as it will give you enough space to change your sleeping positions. You will feel it not only spacious enough but also comfortable enough for a peaceful sleep. However, if you are a plus-sized couple, you should opt for a King-sized mattress because it will offer sufficient room for the tossing and turning of both of you. Moreover, none of you will get disturbed because of the movements of the other partner.

Thickness Level of a Mattress

Mattress thickness is directly related to body weight. A table is constructed so that a picture should emerge in your mind.

Body Weight
Suitable Mattress Thickness
200-250 lb10” or 10″ plus
250-300 lb12” or 12″ plus
300-350 lb14” or 14″ plus

If you are above 250 lb, it means you need a thicker mattress that provides extra body support. Moreover, if you follow the given chart your mattress will stay longer and will give you the desired feel. 

At least a 12” or more thick mattress is required for you. If you keep these details in mind, it will be easier for you to choose the right thick mattress for you.

Firmness Level of a Mattress

On a mattress firmness scale, there are four levels:

Mattress Firmness TypeFirmness scale (Level)
Medium Soft3-4
Medium Firm5-7

For a 250-300 lb sleeper or more, a soft and medium soft mattress will never be recommended because these mattresses are not strong enough to support your neck, shoulders, spine, and hips. Rather, they will cause you discomfort and you will feel as if you are sinking in the bed. In some cases, you might end up developing some health issues such as backache. 

However, medium-firm and firm mattresses are great choices for you. You will find them comfortable and supportive. Alongside, they will keep your entire body aligned.

Quality of Mattress Materials

The plus-sized sleepers should go for the mattress that may stay durable over the years. If the mattress is not strong enough to support the body it will sag over a few years. The saggy condition may further result in health problems such as developing body aches. 

Therefore, soft and medium-soft mattresses can never be your choice. You should go for the mattresses that are made with layers of spring, coils, and high-density materials.

Memory Foam Mattress Vs Heavy Sleeper

Memory Foam mattresses are known for their comfort, body conformation, motion transfer, and heat. However, they come up with solutions for plus-sized sleepers, too. They offer firm mattress versions as well that are specially manufactured for heavy sleepers. Therefore, whenever you go to a Memory Foam mattress outlet, do mention your specifications and they will guide you in that.

Innerspring Mattress Vs Heavy Sleepers

An innerspring mattress is the best choice for an obese sleeper. They have layers of coils and springs that keep your neck, spine, and hips aligned. Also, They are strong enough to support your body and you may rest your body on them without any worries. The best part is that they have soft top layers that give your body the desired softness and comfort. So, you don’t feel as if you have compromised the comfort part of a spring mattress.

Hybrid Mattress Vs Heavy Sleepers

Hybrid mattresses come up with the best package for overweight sleepers. They have the best features of both foam and spring mattresses. They are constructed in a way where top foam layers are powered by strong spring and hard coil bases. Thus, they provide your body with immense comfort along with desired support.

Latex Mattress Vs Heavy Sleepers

It is another great option for heavier sleepers. Basically, Latex mattresses are made with high-density materials to support your body weight. Alongside, these eco-friendly mattresses provide cushion to the body. So, it is a win-win situation with a combination of comfort and support. However, these mattresses are not good for sleeping couples who are concerned about movement transfer.

Important Tip for Heavy Sleepers

Accepting your body weight and size is a part of loving yourself. So, whenever you go shopping, never hesitate to speak to customer service about your specific needs. You should mention your actual requirement when you buy a mattress so that you buy a thing that adds value to your life and that can make your rest time truly enjoyable. Fortunately, some mattress companies offer customization facilities. Do take the benefit of it and personalize your mat.

Recommended Mattress for Heavy Sleepers

Luckily, a lot of mattress companies produce mattresses that are weight-friendly. You may go to your preferred mattress company and ask for a mattress that suits your body weight. In this case, you should do proper online research before you go shopping and then have a detailed conversation with the product outlets. It will provide you with a long list of great mattresses for obese sleepers. 

I would suggest three overall best mattresses for heavy sleepers.

  1. Saatva HD
  2. Big Fig
  3. WinkBed

Joint Pain & Back Pain Matter

People with lower or upper back pain can not sleep on any mattress and a wrong mattress not only ruins their sleep time but also can make their bad back even worse. Unfortunately, 80% of people face this health problem at some age point. They require not only an extra comfortable mattress but also an extra supportive mattress. A conscious and well-informed mattress shopping is required in this case because a too soft mattress will not provide the desired spinal support, and a too firm mattress will cause more pain on body pressure points. 

Fortunately, there is a huge product line for people with back pain when it comes to buying a mattress. Therefore, if you fall in the same health category, you must consider the mattresses that are either designed especially for back pain relief or have backache relieving features. 

However, if you ask for one great mattress that is best for you, I would recommend Helix Midnight Luxe mattress as the overall best mattress for back pain in 2021. 

It is a medium-firm hybrid mattress. Zoned technology is used to make it not only eco-friendly but also pain-relieving. It allows immense comfort and offers extended support to an overweight body, too. Furthermore, it maintains the neck-shoulders-spine-hips alignment perfectly well. 
Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress is built in 4 layers:

Mattress LayersConstruction of Mattress Layers
TopperSoft quilted material.
Top Comfort LayersHigh-density memory foam
Support layerMade up of Gel Visco layer to comfort and support the body effectively
Transition LayerBuilt-in high-quality Poly Foam that supports the body weight and contours the body shape
Base LayerManufactured in Dura Dense foam. It provides immense support to the body and also increases the durability of the mattress.

General Mattress Buying Guide for You

‘How to choose the best mattress in 2021’ package includes some other features too.

Edge Support of a Mattress

Edge support means how well a mattress holds you when you sleep on its edges. Unfortunately, all kinds of mattresses don’t provide this feature, whereas it is a crucial spec to consider for any sleeper up to 250 lb or above. 

Especially, a plus-sized or heavier person needs more space to move during the nighttime, and obviously, there are moments when we sleep at the edges. So, if there is no support on the mattress edges, you will keep worrying about it throughout the sleep time.  This worry will affect not only yours but your partner’s sleep as well.

In general, Hybrid and Innerspring mattresses provide good edge support. For Memory Foam mattresses, some bed types offer support and some don’t. Therefore, you will have to discuss this feature with the mattress retailers and manufacturers at the shopping time.

Mattress Temperature

When you look for the best mattress for you, always consider your temperature preference: whether you like cool sleeping or hot sleeping.

Hot or cool sleeping depends on the material that a mattress is made up of. Usually, foam mattresses are known for their hot sleeping feature; nevertheless, they use airflow technology for some of their product lines so that they may cater to cool sleepers too.

If you are a hot sleeper, you will get various options in Memory Foam Mattress, though they may customize the mattress for your cool sleeping, too. 

Generally, Innerspring mattress and Hybrid Mattress provide cool sleeping options.

Motion Transfer

Whenever you buy a mattress, always look at the feature of motion transfer. It means that if you and your sleeping partner turn your sides in the bed, you both don’t get disturbed by the movements. If the mattress offers this facility, it is a good fit for you. Otherwise, it is not.

Nevertheless, if you and your partner don’t care about tossing and turning in bed and don’t get disturbed by it, then you may ignore this feature.

Analyze Different Mattress Types

You have to choose among different types of mattresses with the reference of your personality type, your sleeping habits, your body requirements, and your partner’s needs. If you go through the list of mattress types, it will lead you towards making the correct decision.

Consider Warranty

Usually, different mattress companies offer warranties from 10 to 25 years. They cover all manufacturing faults such as broken or loosened coils and sagging of the mattress. It’s a great feature that should be kept into account at the time of mattress selection.

Test the Mattress before Selection

It is not wise to depend on the mattress pros and cons that are written by the company or which are available online. You should also lie down on the mattress for almost 10 minutes and turn your sides. Try out your sleeping position that you carry most of the bedtime. Here, figure out if it is too comfortable, if it is too hard, if it is smelly, if it is too bouncy, if it is too hot or cool, etc. 

Sometimes, despite the trial, you can’t make a perfect decision. In this case, you should prefer the mattresses that come up with great return policies. This way, you will have a trial period to make sure that you have bought the mattress that is your best fit.

No Delivery Without Inspection

I would recommend that you shouldn’t accept a mattress delivery until and unless you inspect it to your satisfaction. Do watch out if there are any stains, dirt, or any other flaw. Just check it is labeled as ‘all-new material. Similarly, if it is a mattress in the box, even then don’t delay its inspection.

If the delivery service leaves and you notice something that is not up to your expectations or company claims, take photographs of it with your smartphone. Then, do call the customer service immediately and send them the pictures as proof. Hopefully, you will get immediate help from your seller.

However, if you delay the inspection, you will be in a weaker position to complain about something or claim something.

Be Vigilant With Return Policies

First of all, read the ‘Return Policy’ of the mattress you intend to buy in detail and with care.

Make sure that you get a full refund in case of a return. Also, you should have an equivalent exchange option. 

Usually, they offer a ‘comfort guarantee’, which means you have a trial period of up to 120 days. Read the duration of this time period carefully.

Some mattress retailers make you responsible for the delivery or ask for delivery charges. 

So, you should read all these details carefully so that you may claim your right, just in case there is something wrong with you.

Enjoy Customization Feature

Your requirements might be different from what a mattress retailer may offer you. Here, you have to be very clear-minded about what exactly you want to find in your mattress. 

You should be very vocal about your needs and expectations. 

In addition to it, you should be aware of the body specifications and sleeping needs of your partner. If you don’t know how to make your mattress a win-win thing for you and your partner both, many mattress companies may provide you consultancy in that. Also,  they can provide you with specialized services that accommodate the needs of you both.

Buy a Mattress on a Budget

There is no harm in exploring different types of mattress brands and outlets in order to finalize the right mattress for you. Even if you find your chosen mattress expansive, never compromise on it just because of the high price.

However, if you don’t have a pocket to buy it, you may look for SALES, where you may buy your favorite mattress at much-discounted rates.

The great news is that many retailer chains respond to price negotiations positively just because of their high markups. So, do negotiate prices with them and mention the sale price of the same mattress that is available somewhere else. You may end up getting up to a 50% discount.


How to pick a mattress is not s simple thing. You have to follow a complete mattress buying guide whenever you buy a new bed. In short, sleeping positions, body weight, body aches, mattress types, and many other factors matter that we have discussed in this blog post.

We hope that this article is helpful in finding the best suitable mattress in 2021. If you have further queries, please mention them in the comments.


Q: What mattress should I buy?

Ans: There is no single answer to the question. The article gives you complete buying guide. We hope it will be help you.

Q: What is the most important factor to consider when buying a mattress?

Ans: Your sleep preferences is the deal breaker. It means what body position you sleep on: whether it is stomach sleeping, back sleeping or side sleeping?

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