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Nectar Mattress – Buying Guide 2021

Nectar Mattresses are among the most comfortable and best-valued mattress in the USA. They are considered as best budget mattresses as well. According to U.S.News, Nectar is rated as the 4th best Memory Foam Mattress of 2021 and 14th best mattress of 2021 in general.

You will be thrilled to find out about the other features of the good quality mattress brand.

Trial Period365 Night
Home DeliveryFree Shipping in USA
Return PolicyFull Refund & Free Return

The 365 nights trial and Return Policy of Necter shows the self-confidence of the company. It is an award-winning company where Sleep Foundation named it as The Best Memory Foam Mattress and Mattress Advisor tagged it The Best Value Mattress.

What is Nectar Mattress Made up of?

Nectar mattress is made of CertiPUR-US certified material which means it is a durable and premium quality product. In general, it is constructed with 4 layers.

Top layer1″ Thick quilted Gel Memory Foam Layer to provide softness and cooling
Second Layer3″ Thick Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer providing the body with personalized contouring
Transition Layer1.75″ Thick high-density Memory Foam Layer that supports the back alignment
Base Layer5.25″ Thick high-density Polyfoam (2.2 PCF) that gives the mattress firmness and a strong foundation
Nectar Mattress CoverWaterproof quilted Tencel cotton fabric that provides cooling and keeps the mattress moisture-free

Nectar Mattress Reviews

The making of Nectar Mattress speaks for its features. Here, the question is: what to look for when buying a mattress?’ While looking at the criterion (Read in Detail), the Nectar performs really well, but it is not for everyone.

Nectar reviews research reveals some features of the Nectar bed. These mattress reviews talk about consumer experiences. Therefore, we compiled them here believing that the word of mouth is always more credible.

A Combo of Softness & Firmness

Due to its combination of soft Memory Foam layers and high-density Poly Foam hard layers, the Nectar mattress gives a medium-firm feel, which is 6/10 on the firmness scale. It means it offers softness and firmness in a balanced way. You won’t find it too plush or too hard. It further means that your body will experience comfort but you don’t ‘sink in’ which is a scary feeling for many sleepers. And, and at the same time, it will find support for body alignment which is a great factor. Thus, the 11″ thick Nectar mattress creates a win-win situation that is required by most of the sleepers.

Pressure Relief

Like other medium-firm mattress, Nectar mattresses also promises pressure relief on body joints and pressure points. When you get in the Nectar bed, the mattress will contour to your body curves and you will feel a soft comfort and you will forget about all the body pain that you face in your day- life. And, simultaneously, your body will find a perfect alignment. So, if you go through arthritis, Bursitis or other body-ache-related issues, You need a soft but firm mattress. Therefore, Nectar is a good solution for you. It will release body pain when you sleep and you will not only enjoy a sound sleep but also you will wake up all fresh and prepared for the next day.

Cool Sleep

Most of the Memory Foam mattresses trap body heat and are effective in providing a hot sleep, but Nectar is just the opposite. Nectar mattress uses Gel infusion in the top Memory Foam layers. By default, the Gel-infusion material allows air circulation throughout the mattress. Moreover, its Tencel made cotton cover is breathable, which increases the airflow in the overall construction. As a result, the ongoing air-circulation controls bed temperature. It doesn’t allow the mattress to trap body heat. Rather, it ensures a cool sleeping experience. Therefore, if you prefer cool sleeping, the Nectar bed is for you.

Edge Support

Most of the all-foam mattresses lack edge support. When a sleeper moves to the bed edge, the mattress gets compressed and the sleeper fears to fall down the bed. It creates discomfort for the combinations sleepers who moves on the bed frequently. The same situation creates when a couple sleeps on the bed because they need more space to toss and turn.

Unlike the all-foam mattresses, Nectar offers sturdy edge support because of its highly-dense base layers. Therefore, a sleeper feels secure on a Nectar bed. Similarly, a couple experiences safer sleep. However, if a sleeper weighs above 230 pounds, he might not find enough edge support in a Nectar mattress.

Motion Transfer

When a couple sleeps on a bed, they may get disturbed because of the tossing and turning of their sleeping partner. However, the situation depends on what type of mattress they are using. Usually, most of the all-foam mattresses absorb motion on the bed and don’t let the partners lose their sleep. Same is the case with Nectar mattress. All Nectar beds are good at controlling motion transfer.

Freedom to Move on Bed

A memory foam mattress doesn’t support the sleepers in moving on the bed frequently. In other words, they find difficulty in changing their body positions while being in the bed because of the less responsiveness of the mattress. Another factor that causes this problem is the softness of these mattresses. However, with Nectar, you will never face this problem. It is a responsive mattress where the top layer is capable of recovering its shape back after the sleeper’s movements. Moreover, the second and third layers of dense foam give the bed a bouncy quality. The overall combination of foam layers allows the ease of movements on the bed. Thus, the Nactor is good for the people who change their sides on the bed frequently or who sleep along with their partners.

A Couples’ Bed

All-foam mattresses are not bouncy at all and innerspring mattresses are too springy for sexual activity. So, most of the couples don’t like either of them. However, Nectar comes up with a balance. It is neither static as a foam mattress nor springy as an innerspring mattress. Rather, it is bouncy enough to suit sexual relationships. Therefore, Nectar is called a couples’ mattress.

Light Mattress Odor

Most of the synthetic mattress comes along a strong odour because of their volatile organic compounds. When they are unfolded after unpacking, their odour doesn’t allow people to sleep on them immediately. They are put in the airy place for a couple of days so that their smell gets dissipated.

In the case of Nectar, it is a different story. It comes with a very slight odour that dissipates quickly. It allows the sleepers to use the mattress soon after it is unwrapped.

Budget Mattress

Nectar is less expensive than most of the all-foam Mattresses. Those who believe in great value for their money, Nacter is a great option for them. They can buy a high-quality mattress at an affordable price.

Lifetime Warranty & Full Refund Policy

usually, mattress companies offer 10-25 years warranty, but Nectar comes up with lifetime warranty. It can be repaired and replaced earlier by the company if there is a manufacturing fault.

The best part is that Nectar offers full refunded return within its 365-nights trial period. For removing the mattress from your home, all you have to do is calling Nectar brand. They will send their White Glove service to collect the mattress from your home.

On the other hand, While Glove service will shift the new Nectar mattress to the room of your choice. Also, on your request, they can unpack and set the mattress for you.

Mattress-in-a Box

Nectar is a mattress-in-a-box, which means it is delivered to your home in a compressed form and it is all rolled up in a box or bag. Therefore, when you receive it, you have to unpack and set it. Then, it takes a while to reinflate.

The good thing about a mattress-in-a-box is that it is considered a durable product.

Moreover, whenever you buy directly from Nectar brand, you need not to pay to the middle-man.

No Mattress Noise

Another great feature of the nectar home is, you never experience any noise while unfolding, setting or folding the mattress. Even on bed, you won’t hear any noise while changing your sleeping positions. Same goes for the tossing and turning of your partner.

And, if you hear a noise, believe us, it’s not your mattress but your bed frame.

Nectar Mattress Sizes & Varieties

Nectar Mattress Sizes

Nectar offers mattresses in all sizes. So, you being a single person or a couple, or, being a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper, choose from the given size range. You may consider other sleeping options as well: for example, you want your kids or pets sleep with you because it will change the Nectar bed size for you.

California King76″ x 84″11″89 lbs.
King76″ x 80″11″89 lbs.
Queen60″ x 80″11″74 lbs.
Full54″ x 75″11″68 lbs.
Twin XL38″ x 80″11″48 lbs.
Twin38″ x 75″11″45 lbs.

Nectar Mattress Varieties

Nectar company presents two kinds of mattresses:

  • Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  • Nectar Lush Mattress
Mattress TypeMade up ofFirmness Level
Nectar Memory Foam MattressFoamMedium-Firm
Nectar Lush MattressFoamMedium-Firm

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Vs Nectar Lush Mattress

With the given varieties, you might wonder which Nectar variety will suit you better. The answer to the query lies in the information that comes up with common and different specs of both the mattresses. Let’s have a look!

Common Features of Nectar Memory Foam Mattress & Nectar Lush Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam mattress 2021

Nectar Lush Mattress

Lush Nectar Mattress 2021

Common Features

  • Both are foam mattresses
  • Both have same shipping facility, warranty period, trial time & return poicies
  • Both are good for small & medium sized sleepers
  • Both offer a cool sleep
  • Both have medium-firm feel
  • Both suit to all sleeping styles, specially they are great for side sleepers.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress & Nectar Lush Mattress: DIFFERENCES

Nectar Memory Foam mattress is a flagship product of Nectar company, whereas Nectar Lush mattress is a luxury item of the same company.

Nectar Memory Foam MattressNectar Lush Mattress
It is a bit shorter in size and thickness: 11″Nectar Lush is bigger in size and thickness: 12″
Nectar Memory Foam mattress is affordable.Nectar Lush is more expensive than the Nectar Memory Foam mattress.
This mattress is less bouncy than Lush variety.Lush Nectar is bouncier because of its Energex foam transition layer.
It is less breathable than Lush mattressLush is more breathable because of its extra cooling material
As compared to Lush, Nectar is a bit firmer.It is a softer version of Nectar mattress.

Who Should Prefer Nectar Mattress?

Sleeping TypesBelow 130 lbs.130-230 lbs. Plus 230 lbs.
Back SleepersGoodBestAverage
Stomach SleepersaverageBestAverage
Side SleepersaverageBestBest

Fortuntely, Necar may accomodate all sleeping types. It includes sleepling on the back, sides and stomach.

This is not only about sleeping positions but also about weight when it comes to select a mattress. The great thing about Nectar is that supports people of all bodyweights.

Side Sleepers

Nectar mattress serves the heavy side sleepers the best because of its medium-firm all-foam making. It not only conforms to the body shape but also cradles the neck, shoulders, back and hips well. Alongside, it keeps the back aligned.

If a person is above 130 lbs, a nectar bed is one of the best choices. It gives a sinking-like softness and comfort to the body which relieves pain from the pressure points of the sleeper’s body. It further results in no more body aches during sleep hours. Furthermore, it provides back alignment.

However, the sleepers who weigh less than 130 lbs, experience Nectar differently. They find it a little too firm to feel sinking like comfort. In fact, they find a Nectar mattress too firm for them. Therefore, they feel the pressure building up on sensitive body points and joints. It is not good news because it doesn’t relieve pain.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers between 130 lbs – 230 lbs find the Nectar very suitable and useful. They usually want their neck, shoulders and hips get the sinking-like feeling to feel enough comfort. At the same time, they find it challenging to get spinal alignment. The medium-firm Nectar bed fulfils both their needs.

Back Sleepers

A soft and sagged mattress can never suit a back sleeper because they need a soft-firm mattress that is cable enough to align their head, shoulders, spine & hips. Therefore, a Nectar mattress meets their requirements and provides them with comfort and back alignment simultaneously. The sleepers between 130 lbs to 230 lbs find the mattress fulfilling their needs perfectly well.

Pros & Cons of Nectar Mattress


  • Nectar is an affordable mattress.
  • It supports all sleeping styles.
  • It is an all-foam cool mattress.


  • Nectar does not provide hot sleep.
  • It is not good for flipping.
  • It offers limited bounce.

How to buy the best mattress?

In our mundane life, we prefer to make informed decisions. So, same is the case with shopping the right mattress. You should consider these factors when you come across the question: how to buy the best mattress for me?

Mattress Rating

Mattress rating matters a lot. It speaks for the consumer experience. People like you express their needs, expectation, disappointments and good experiences in terms of numbers. These numbers communicate a lot. Therefore, when you decide to buy a Nectar bed, first read the Consumers’ Rating for Nectar. Fortunately, these days, the consumer’ rating is easily available online on one social media channel or the other. It will give you an insight that will help you make a correct mattress choice.

Nectar Mattress Reviews

The other step can be, you should read the consumer reviews. There, people express their feelings and share their experiences candidly. It gives you much more insight into the product than viewing the rating and reading the product description. Moreover, you get to know about the pros and cons of it. Once you go through mattress reviews, you come in a position to decide whether you should buy a certain mattress or not. Or, you get the awareness of what to consider when shopping for a mattress. This altogether, tells you which mattress would best suit you.

For Nectar, we would recommend you to read Nectar reviews!

Mattress Comparison

Apart from mattress rating and reviews, learn about competitor bed mattress companies. Read about mattress comparisons and reviews. It will broaden your understanding of the products and your own needs. Building this understanding is crucial in making the best mattress choice.

Therefore, the tip is never miss out on best mattress reviews ever.

Compare Price to Product Value

Buying a good mattress is an investment in your health, comfort and peace of mind. Therefore, never hesitate to buy the best product, no matter you find it a little costly. On the other hand, if you have similar features in a cheaper mattress, you may go for it (provided you have already done your personal research work). With a Nector bed, you will always find it affordable.

Look in to Mattress Materials

Whenever you buy a mattress, always make sure that it is made up of high-quality materials. Moreover, you may find out if it is professionally certified. For foam mattresses, you should always ensure that it is stamped as CertiPUR-US certified. It shows that the mattress is made up of high-standard foam and it will last long.

In addition, you should always select a mattress that has a lifespan of 7 – 10 years, so that you get the actual value for money. (Read Nectar home Reviews)

Consider you Personalized Needs

You should be fully aware of your sleeping styles and health issues such as body aches or joint pain. Similarly, you should be well-informed about the preferences of your sleeping partner. This awareness will lead you to find the best suitable mattress for you.

Read Warranty & Return Policy

Usually, mattress companies offer 10 -20 year warranties; however, it is important to read the details to figure out what kind of warranty is really useful for you.

Similarly, make sure that you read the return policies, where product picks up and refund % is mentioned. See how it can work for you.

Nectar Vs Competitors

You might be interested in knowing about how does nectar competes with its three major competitors in the market. The big three competion-runners are:

  • Purple Mattress
  • Casper – Original Mattress
  • Tuft & Needle – Mint Mattress

Nectar – Purple Similarities

Both the mattress has some common features. Both of them are:

  • all-foam mattress
  • have in-built open cell technology which facilitates airflow throughout the mattress. It means they are cool mattress.
  • soft enough to comfort the body. Alongside, they contous the body and provide pressure relief.
  • hard enough to support the body alignment.
  • good for all sleeping positions
  • in-store mattresses

Nectar – Purple Differences

Nectar uses Memory Foam as Comfort LayerPurple adds a Hyper-Elastic Gel Polymer Grid for comfort purpose
Trial Period: 1-yearTrial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: LifetimeWarranty: 10-Year
Affordable PriceA little costlier than Nectar
Best for Side SleepersBest for Combo Sleepers
A little less bouncy as compared to Purple mattressA significantly bouncy bed because of its construction

Nectar – Casper Original Similarities

The similarites between Nectar Memory Foam Mattress and Casper Mint Mattress are mentioned here. Both the mattresses are:

  • all-foam mattresses
  • matress-in-a-box
  • of high quality and popular in the market
  • 11″ tall. Besides, they offer all the mattress sizes including Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King & Cal King
  • in-built with dense memory foam mattress to provide firm support to the human body
  • Free shipping throughout USA

Nectar – Casper Original Differences

The Nectar and Casper Original are different from each other in several ways despite their basic similarities. The differences are as follows:

Nectar Memory Foam MattressCasper Original Mattress
It is a 6.5/10 firm and is a softer mattress than Casper Original Mattress.Casper is a 7.5/10 firm and is a firmer mattress than Nectar.
Nectar is constructed with and all-foam material.It has zoned layers to make a firmer construction.
The Nectar mattress is a little expensive than Casper.Casper is more affordable in price than Nectar.
It is best for side sleepers.It is perfect for back sleepers.
Nectar mattress is slow-moving and conforming to body shape due to Classic Memory Foam built.The Casper Original mattress is soft and responsive because of a balanced foam feel. So, the sleepers can move on it easily.
Trial Period: 365 NightsTrial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: LifetimeWarranty: 10 Years


Buying a mattress is not a simple thing. It needs the real and active consideration of your emotional, physical and medical needs. Those who are Nectar lovers or Nectar believers might find their satisfaction in one of the two varieties of Nectar mattress, however, it is evident that Nectar is not for everyone. Moreover, our requirements change with time and our health conditions, so we have to make different choices some other time.

Those who want something different can certainly explore the features of the competitors. We have squeezed the information about Nectar mattress and its competitors.

Hope, you will find this article useful. If you have further queries, you may ask them through comment section.