Why Asking for White Glove Service for Mattress Delivery

While looking at the title of the blog, you will wonder, What is White Glove Service? To your answer, White-Glove is an exclusive home delivery service provider. It is a transportation and shipping company that is known for its standard delivery. They transport valuable, climate-sensitive, heavy, and fragile items, that need special care and attention, from the market to the customer’s place with careful handling. It may include the following products:

  • Furniture & Mattresses
  • Luxury Products
  • Medical & Laboratory Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • Art Work
  • Wedding Material
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“White Glove” refers to the trained and expert staff working at premium hotels, restaurants, and retailers. Symbolically, it speaks for the exceptional technical and managerial expertise of the logistics and shipping company. If you opt for the White Glove delivery service, you will come across a luxurious experience. You will be amazed to have a speedy, convenient, and satisfying delivery service.

What is Included in White Glove Service?

  • Delivery Site Inspection

The White Glove guys inspect the delivery place before and after the shipment delivery just to see if any special arrangement, installation, or configuration is required to set the product. Once the delivery item is assembled and set, they visit again to see if their job had been done to the satisfaction of the client.

  • Professional Packaging

White Glove delivery provider company applies professional and personalized packaging material to keep it safe during transportation. They consider the size, weight, fragility, and seasonal requirements of each product while selecting the purpose-built packaging. Once the packed items are taken to their temperature-controlled trucks, they place them at the right places that are designed for the specific nature of products. Afterwards, they use CCTV to monitor the entire delivery until it reaches their owners meticulously.

  • Hygenic Transportation

All the White Glove trucks are regularly checked for cleanliness and hygiene to avoid contamination of parcels. Special kinds of containers are used to protect the cargo material. Alongside it, the professional workers of the company meet the high standards of hygiene.

  • Speedy & Convenient Delivery

White Glove service not only delivers the item on time but also at a time that is convenient to the customer. They communicate with the customer if any specific arrangement is required at the delivery time so that no delivery item is left unattended.

  • Parcel Tracking Facility

Through the high-tech tracking system, White Glove allows you to track your parcel and shipping information anytime. They send you notifications and alerts from time to time through their apps and tools. It keeps you updated about your parcel’s transit and you don’t worry about its damage or loss.

  • Product Dismantling & Assembling

White Glove is not only about dropping off the products but also about assembling and dismantling the delivery items. They take the products to the desired room, unpack them, and set, install or configure them there free of cost. Afterwards, they dispose off the packing material.

Moreover, they dismantle and take away the returning items.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

The White Glove transportation is a top-notch home delivery service that works 24/7. Their agents are professionals who know what exactly a customer is asking for and how to satisfy him/her. They are vigilant, polite, and efficient. They are highly skilled and well-trained for their respective jobs. With them, you realize that your items are in safe and efficient hands.

  • Handling of Returnable Products

Another unique feature of White Glove service is that they dismantle and take away the returnable items to their respective companies. They are expert enough to not let the product get damaged while dismantling and transporting it back. Thus, you need not worry about how to dismantle and return an item.

How Does White Glove Delivery Service Charge Price?

In fact, White Glove delivery service means offering more than the regular logistics and transportation companies. Therefore, they charge according to what they provide. When they bill an item, they include these services:

  1. What is the delivery distance? If the delivery item has to travel long to the international borders, White Glove charges more. And, vice versa.
  2. What is the delivery time? Do you want to deliver your item within the regular time limit or you require an immediate delivery? For faster deliveries, they charge more than their regular fee.
  3. What is the type of delivery product? Is it a durable or fragile product? What are its weight and size? What is its monetary value? etc.
  4. What are the special transportation needs of the delivery item? Does the delivery item need a specific kind of packaging? Does it require temperature specifications? etc.

When Should You Use White Glove Delivery?

White Glove is a superior logistics and transport corporation. Comparing with other shipping and home delivery companies, you should opt for it if

  • you have to deliver or get delivered a delicate, temperature-sensitive, valuable, perishable, or heavy item. They will take care of all the products on a personalized level.
  • you desire to deliver the item at a time when you are home or over the weekend
  • you want the delivery man to carry your product upstairs to your desired place
  • you require a professional to unpack, assemble and set/install/configure the product in your chosen room, then there is no better service than White Glove.
  • You want to return something without any damage and hassle.
  • you need to deliver or get delivered something overnight or on the same day.
  • you require polite, professional, and friendly service.

How about Using White Glove Service for Mattress Delivery?

Luckily, the White Glove shipping is available for both physical and online stores. The majority of top-notch mattress companies offer the service proudly. Some of the companies are mentioned here:

These are some of the names; you have to check with the mattress brand you purchase your mattress from if they offer the White Glove service for mattress delivery.

Whenever you buy a mattress and ask for a home delivery service, you will come across an option, White Glove. Select this option to avail the service.

Different mattress corporations offer White Glove delivery for a small fee that varies from $150 – $200.

Once your ordered mattress arrives, the White Glove will call you within 2 business days and set up a time of your choice to deliver the mattress. They will make another call an evening before delivery and set up a 4-hour delivery window (the ‘4-hour window‘ option is up to different mattress companies). On the delivery day, they will call you the third time almost 30 minutes before delivery.

With this delivery package, you will have these facilities:

  1. A team of two people delivers your mattress, bed frame, or bed foundation to your place at the time slot that is chosen by you.
  2. They will carry it to your desired room.
  3. The guys will unpack, unroll, and set/assemble it for you in a professional way.
  4. The team will dispose off all the packaging material.
  5. They will take away the returnable mattress, bed foundation, or bed frame.

Items that are not included in White Glove delivery package are:

  • pillows
  • bedsheets
  • mattress protectors

You will have to order these items separately.


As for our research, the White Glove service is an exceptional service that goes the extra mile to provide home delivery and product set up and/or product removal. However, this service is limited. Also, some of the service items vary from one mattress seller to another. Therefore, before opting for the service, do read the details carefully so that you don’t get disappointed by the end of the day.

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