Why Should You Look for a CertiPUR-US Certified Mattress 2021?

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If you go through the blogs of this site, you will find that CertiPUR-US® certified mattresses are considered top-quality mattresses. Usually, the certifications are about foam material. You must be wondering what does the certification mean. Let’s tell you about it.

What is CertiPUR-US Certification?

Actually, a non-profit organization, the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam (AFPF), was set up in 2008 in the USA that runs the Certi-PUR-US certification program. They were some foam producers who were concerned and determined about using high-quality and non-toxic foams in the furniture mattresses. The company website claims: “The certification process was developed by the foam industry in close collaboration with leading environmentalists, chemists, accredited laboratory research scientists, and bedding and furniture industry leaders. They resisted the use of illegal and chemical-based foams that caused health risks such as cancer and genetic problems, & illnesses in unborn children.

Practically, the CertiPUR-US certification is administered by independent, accredited US laboratories. The certified foam means the polyurethane foam is comfortable and flexible, and, it meets the high standards of content, durability, and emissions.

In detail, the certification means that the Polyfoam is:

  • Content/durability/emissions tested
  • of Low Emission (VOCs)
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Ozone-depleter-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • PBDE flame retardant free
  • Mercury, heavy metal, and lead-free
Low Emission of VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gases that threaten our health because of the chemicals they include. The independent and accredited laboratories of AFPF test the polyurethane foam for its content and indoor air quality and make sure that a mattress comes with the lowest emission of VOCs.

Free of Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a color-free, smelly and inflammable chemical that is used to stick the different mattress materials. It may cause health issues such as allergies, asthma, and ENT cancers. The emission of Formaldehyde pollutes the indoor air. Therefore, the Certi-PUR-US certification verifies that a mattress is free of it.

Free of Ozone Depleter

The Ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is a gas compound that is harmful to human health. It is used in the construction of many mattresses despite its prohibition in the USA. Therefore, the CertiPUR-US®tests a mattress if it is free of the CFE and verifies it.

Free of Phthalate

Phthalates are industrial chemicals that are used in mattress manufacturing. They cause serious health problems such as liver and kidney illnesses and reproductive issues. So, the CertiPUR Certification ensures that a mattress is free of these dangerous elements.

Free of PBDE Flame Retardant

Some flame retardants such as TDCPP, TCEP, or PBDEs (Tris) are health-threatening. They may cause reproductive complications including infertility, cancer, or genetic problems. Therefore, they are legally banned in the USA. Still, since they are used in the construction of furniture mattresses, the CertiPUR-US certification examines the mattress and certifies that they are free of TRIS.

Free of Mercury, Heavy metal, and Lead

Heavy metals, mercury, and lead are used in the making of bed mattresses but they are dangerous to health. They may cause threats to the kidney, brain, and digestive systems. So, the CertiPUR US ensures through its lab tests that a mattress is safe from these life-threatening elements.

Why is CertiPUR US Certification Important for a Mattress?

The CertiPUR US certification ensures that a Polyfoam mattress is comfortable, flexible, organic, and non-toxic. In other words, the mattress is free of all health-risking or environment-threatening elements. Moreover, it is equally safe for humans (regardless of their age groups), and pets.

In addition, you may use the Certi-PUR certified foam confidently for multi-purposes such as:

  • furniture mattresses
  • mattress accessories including mattress toppers, bed-pillows, etc.

Moreover, it is a safe choice, no matter you use it for your home, office or travel.

How to Verify CertiPUR-US® Certification of a Mattress?

In the first place, you will see our logo that says that the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. You must wonder if you are supposed to verify the certification even after finding the certification logo on the bed mattress. Our answer is, YES!

CertiPUR-US Program Logo

Unfortunately, some companies fake the CertiPUR-US® certification. When you go to a new or unfamiliar mattress company and find our logo there, you trust the brand. Or, the sales-persons tell you that their mattresses are certipur certified, or their website claims the same, and you might end up being decieved by them. Therefore, it is not enough to find our logo or stamp of CertiPUR-US Certified on a mattress. Rather, you should go to the official site of the company that runs the Certipur US program, and see the consumer directory If a mattress company is registered in this directory, then the certification is credible; otherwise, it is not. So, never forget this cross-check.

Moreover, when it comes to using a CertiPUR-US® certified Polyfoam in mattress, it is not necessarily a bed mattress, it can be a Certipur US mattress topper or even a pillow. Thus, don’t even buy mattress accessories without finding the certification logo and cross-checking it with the consumer directory of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 Once a mattress is CertiPUR US certified, is it declared safe forever?

Ans: No, the certification requires tests of the mattress for its emission, content, and durability every 6 months in the first year. From second year, it is a yearly mattress examination for quality assurance. Furthermore, the CertiPUR-US program arranges for random on-site check-ups.

Q: 2 Does the CertiPUR-UR prgram caters to latex mattresses as well?

Ans. The certification caters to flexible polyurethane foam only. If you are interested in latex models, you will find hybrid models with certified polyurethane foam and latex foam.

Q: Does CertiPUR US certify the foam mattresses only?

Ans: No, apart from certified foam mattresses, there are CertiPUR US certified pillows, toppers, and comforters.

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